Colour Full Days:
Colette does not give us the solution but instead she helps us to find the answers within ourselves. It helps me to focus on myself rather than on others and lets me understand just how powerful we are. We can create what we want in our lives!
Candy (Malaysia)
As I look back in my journal I think I have changed a lot. I am no longer afraid, I feel happy in myself and I see good in all. When I come down stairs in a morning I love my house, as before it was just a house but now it is a home and nice to be in. I say hallo to all I meet, I think some think I am mad but that just makes me laugh, I write in my journal nearly every day. I feel good doing that, I put what I am doing in the day and things that have happened in the day. I am so much happier in all I do, and I know that all will turn out right in the end. I see things that I would not have seen before like the small flower or the spider spinning its web, I am waiting for the good weather so I can get in the garden, I feel as if I have more energy than I have ever had, and I am now looking forward to the future.
Rose (UK)
Spiral Journey
The spiral matrix is fabulous - it really takes a reading so much deeper and uncovers so much more, as well as deepening your understanding of the bottles. I really feel this should be a must for all practitioners it is so good. I think the ability to help give insights and move us on past blockages is priceless - witness the benefit we all got from it. So thanks once again for a really great course.
Saira (U.K.)
You always present your courses with deep insight, great professionalism and tenderness towards the principles of projection and reflection, using the Aura-Soma colours as your tools. I therefore was not surprised to experience the intensity of the Matrix.
I believe that this new analytical technique, which you created for an Aura-Soma consultation, will greatly enrich all consultants, as it would require for the client to commit to true self-discovery and therefore to a consultation plan.
Most of us consultants are frustrated that many clients do not come back after the first session. As you pointed out, the different tools you showed us like the Matrix, and the placing of certain bottles onto an image of the human body together with the Tree of Life... will offer clients to commit to a greater self-awareness.
Gabriella. (U.K.)
It is a delight to be given such a wonderful course. The content was perfect and you are a born teacher. The workbook is very comprehensive and the essences are great.
I look forward to working with you in the future and carry on allowing each course to be unique and appropriate for each set of students.
D.G. (UK)
Aura-Soma Personal Presenters Course:
Very practical to link Aura-Soma into everyone's life. I have more confidence and feel comfortable to share Aura-Soma now. You are a great Teacher, with a loving heart to guide us on our Aura-Soma and Life journey.
Frances (Singapore)
Really enjoyed this course, feel more grounded now that I can explain what Aura-Soma is. Thanks for being an understanding Teacher.
Yoshie (Singapore)
I have learned how to present Aura-Soma to the public in a correct and professional way. You did a great job, I've learned a lot.
Christina (Singapore)
Aura-Soma Level 2:
Good – Liked the variety and most things seemed a good length of time. Loved the numerology, especially using all the bottles in a reading. Good presentation and I now find it much easier to remember the bottles when we’ve had had the real bottles out on the cloth and grouped them together a much better way of learning than lecturing. I also loved the sticky paper exercise for the colour star. Thank you – I’ve enjoyed it so much!
C.G. (UK)
Excellent, well structured. Easy to follow, well organised – learnt with all 5 senses, very good, visual, excellent support material. Very sympathetic and supportive teaching in a thoroughly professional manner.
C.McL (France)
Colette included all we needed (and more!) in a way that involved us on every level. Organised each day meticulously – superb teaching and organizational skills. The course is excellent – Colette puts all of herself into her teaching and gives with total generosity. This was the best change of teacher I could have had. Thank you Colette
B.N. (Turkey)
Very interesting and thought provoking with excellent presentation and good support material. Brilliant course – loved every minute.
D.P. (UK)
Aura-Soma Level 3:
Very informative and good discussion sessions. The presentation was very clear and precise and good fun. Support material was good, helpful – made it easier to understand. Able to discuss, had a lot of fun while we workedhard. Thank you for all your love and support and encouragement.
H.A.H. (Malaysia)
Very informative, at times quite complicated for me but presentation was very good, competent, and friendly and the support material was a great help. You created a very nice atmosphere, humor, joy, space! I liked your approach and teaching very much!
S.S.S. (Switzerland)
WOW! There’s a lot in this course, but I felt it was covered well and in depth. Interesting, generally quite interactive, makes the content easier to remember and support material very comprehensive.
W.D. (UK)
The course was inspiring – there are no other words. We had a week of deep spiritual insights, full of joy and laughter. Thank you Colette – for this and for everything – for your generosity with your knowledge and gifts (and the practical things.
B.N. (Turkey)
From Japanese Students
I don’t speak English but the teacher had a magnetic aura and I spent wonderful 6 days. I feel regret for not speaking English I wish to communicate with you in English next time.
Course was eventful, simple and excellent. Colette was bright, generous and had clarity and I would like to attend another course with Colette.
I felt cosy and relaxed. Course was full of love and tenderness and I could understand the complicated contents using my inspiration. I love Colette was impressed. Thank you Sakie who did very well in translating.
I was very happy to have a opportunity to learn Kabbalah. There relations between Kabbalah and Tree of Life and Tarot were very interesting. Colette was generous- hearted, warming and widely informed. Good to know you and I am looking forward to seeing you again and love to talk about the healing. Please come to see us again in Japan
Find pleasure in attending course and interesting and fascinating. Colette is charming and generous person.