You can now have an Aura-Soma reading on-line and I stress that this will be a reading given by myself. There are no standard answers, everyone is different and no computer generated text!

First of all look at all the s, when you see one which appeals to you then double click it and you will see its name and meaning. After this you need to choose the bottels which appeal to you most. Make sure you follow the instructions given below.

For me to do a reading I need to ask you to choose 4 bottles but you must choose them in order. Try to imagine you are going to a desert island and you can only take one. Note down the number of the bottle and then repeat this exercise noting down which is chosen second, third and fourth. Unfortunately the colours on a computer screen can never be totally representative however if you click on any you will see a larger image of the bottle, its name and its meaning.


Having chosen your bottles please e-mail me your selection as given below. After receipt of payment I will send you your reading.
Price GBP 75.00

Enjoy your journey.......

" You are the colours you choose!"


On-Line readings can be paid for by using PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you may receive an error message. Simply register to create an account and proceed with payment.