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November Newsletter

Magenta & Olive Green




Hi Everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds you all in the pink and in a rosy glow. This month’s talk is all about the colours you are and how by spreading your palette of colours around you can make your own lives and other people’s lives more colourful.

Last month I held an Aura-Soma Sharing Day at my home with nine lovely practitioners and we spent the day delving into the colours olive green and magenta. We talked about the bitter truth within the olive green that many of us try not to associate with and not to see the love within that bitter truth that the magenta brings to us in a heart centered way. It is within the deep olive green that when we take the first letter from each of the words it makes the word GOD. When you turn this word around you get the word DOG whom we all know is that loyal companion, always giving love unconditionally and only asking to be fed, walked and loved in return. This newsletter is what the olive green and magenta is all about, facing the bitter truth, accepting it, forgiving self and moving on.

I have also just returned from a trip to Melbourne in Australia and as I was sat having breakfast one morning watching the world go by, I noticed how life is changing at an incredible pace. People were rushing to work buying their breakfast on the hoof, walking down the road eating their bun or croissant whilst drinking their coffee from a paper cup and looking at their Iphone or Ipad, completely ignoring people around them.

Is this what awaits us in the future? Our best friend supplanted by a technology gadget? Our feelings and thoughts modified by what we believe our Facebook acquaintances will find exciting, cool, shocking or just plain inconsequential. No real feelings, no self examination, no time to smell the flowers, just completely desensitized to the environment. It reminds me of the Pink Floyd track on The Wall album – Comfortably Numb, or should I say Comfortably Dumb!

.I began to realise the lack of connection humanity has reached within themselves and with each other. So absorbed in their own little bubble that they missed the love in the little things around them and the way life has transmuted them into an olive green that could be sour, and bitter with disappointment if they feel they have not achieved in a particular area of their life or not manifested what they have dreamed about.

On the Friday that I was there it was Derby Day at the races and everyone was dressed in their finery, hats, suits and pretty frocks. However by the end of the day the high heels had been abandoned the hats where at a different angle and the euphoria had been replaced with drunkenness or despondency of losing so much that they had not expected to lose. As the distant observer within the olive green and magenta colours I felt the bitterness of the day and the lack of self love within the many that I observed.

This brought me to think about our entrance into the final phase of the Mayan calendar just gone by on the 28th October and we have now entered into the ninth phase called Universal Consciousness.

With this entrance into Universal Consciousness where it is said that things will be changing at a rate of 20 days instead of every 360 days, it was interesting that on the following day Qantas grounded all its airline fleet and this just added to the woes of the people around me. We are now in a period of massive change taking us to December 2012 and this is where these two colours olive green and magenta will be working over time for everyone.

I now feel it is time to bring in the awakening of the heart centre and to become aware of who you are and what you say, feel and think on a minute to minute basis. This is important because it really matters because you are producing change into our physical reality at an accelerated rate through the energy of our thoughts and actions.

As colour practitioners we know that these two colours are complimentary to each other but are they bringing harmony or are they rubbing each other the wrong way?

That bitter truth of the olive green saying are you good enough, beautiful enough, slim enough, rich enough? This is not seeing the love in the little things within the magenta of the self. Or is it that lack of awareness that everyone is unique and there is not a second person like you, is that not fabulous?

Therefore the conclusion of olive green and magenta are telling us to slow down, smell the roses and listen to our own truths not via the mind but via the heart. Begin to realise how unique you truly are and how wonderful this planet can be if only we take time to see each other as our self and know that everything is interconnected with everything around you. Take time to bring the love into the little things and begin to really O-Live life, I know that in this newsletter I maybe talking to the converted so please pass it on to those that you think need more insight as time is running out and we all need to act.

Here is the information on my latest course. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me.


Time for Change

  • My courses are road maps to help you to find the right direction to where you wish to go!
  • Only you know what you truly desire, no one else knows.
  • By understanding yourself at all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually only then will you begin to see the star that you truly are.
  • Everyone reflects their own colours and their own personality.
  • It is only when you begin to understand how your interactions affect others, either positively or negatively, can change happen.
  • My courses are inspiring and practical. They involve looking in your own mirror, inward contemplation, discussion and above all… are fun.
  • They will teach you to see yourself as a being of splendid colour.
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    Realise that we all work on a daily basis with our own colours, our own archetypes and even our own feminine and masculine Gods and Goddesses.

    Once you understand how this works you will begin to feel happier, more powerful and your life begins to change into what you truly want. Thsee insights will be a gift forever because they will never date.

    When you understand your own colours and your archetypes, you begin to open your heart to a new understanding of how you interact in your world.

    You Are More Complex Than You Think!

    Understanding your own unique mixture will enable you to see yourself in a different light. You will become more aware, more empowered and at the same time more content within yourself.

    Each aspect of yourself tells its own story of who you are. After looking in the mirror it’s up to you to decide whether you like the reflection. If you don’t, I can help you change.

    Embrace Life.

    Find the
    Feminine Within
    Awaken the Heart!

    Next is an article from Alysea about the Fallen Angels that I thought you would enjoy embracing the olive green and magenta colours. For those who are not Aura-Soma Practitioners I have added explanations to help with the understanding of the Aura-Soma bottles and their colours that Alysea has written about. Within Aura-Soma we look at the numerology, tarot cards and the Kabbalah the Tree of Life.


    The Creator, Maintainer, Destroyer

    FALLEN ANGELS AND Aura-Soma Archangels:

    Fallen Angels?   Biblically, we are told of the Great War in Heaven, the Luciferic force and the Satanic force. In simple language, this is the way God created, Creation. This was to enable us to be created, destroyed, refashioned, and for the Soul to have a journey from Bliss consciousness and God union, into an experience of separation from Him. On this journey we would experience pain, envy, jealousy, hate, etc., all basically vibrating to the energy of fear.

    In our own daily lives, when for some reason we feel cast aside, rejected, unloved and unaccepted, or unable to know what to do or how to do something, we experience this firstly through fear that then this leads us to feelings of inadequacy and isolation.

    So, we have two great forces in Creation. The God who creates; all is harmonious and perfect, then He gobbles it up again, with a great gnashing of teeth and it is a fearful sight.  One force is of the Male energy, external control, power and reason, in many aspects unforgiving. The other force is the Feminine energy of forgiveness, nurturing, acceptance, self understanding and self improvement.

    There was a story of a man who asked a Saint;

    “Are souls who have transgressed against God’s law, banished from His sight forever?”

    The great enlightened Saint said; “Would a Mother or Father when their child had done wrong, cast him into an oven and burn him to death?”  Of course we all know, no parent can completely abandon their child, so we as God’s children are eventuality drawn back to him and into Him by Divine law and Divine intention, all within the Law of Divine attraction.

    However, we do have the interesting Cosmic Dream of positive and negative, darkness and light, creating and destroying; and in all of these we see in the dance of the Divine Play, but in reality all a dream.  When we go to a movie, the movie consists of the goodies and the baddies, the aspects of light and dark, wisdom and knowledge, coupled with destruction and pain. 

    However, if we look behind, the whole drama of what is being beamed onto the screen, by a great beam of light. Turn this to God’s Beam of Light and all creation is a movie, and intrinsically unreal. The only eternal reality is Light, Love and Bliss, our Godly quality, the real state of the Soul.  If we look at the bottle Archangel Jophiel we have 101 Pale Blue over Pale Olive Green

    Take the Spiritual Rescue 0, Royal Blue over Deep Magenta out and we have bottle 11 Clear over Pink

    This is the pathway of Strength, also known as the pathway of Spiritual Pride upon the Tree of Life.  We thought we could do it alone, we tried it and without the Eternal Vision of Love, Unity, and Oneness with God, we lost our way.

    Now, let us go back to the beginning. In His wisdom, as a Cosmic Drama, God created the energy of separation and forgetfulness of Him self and sat back and watched it take form.       

    Archangel Tzaphkiel bottle 99 Pale Olive Green over Pink
    Works with the family of Archangel Metatron bottle 100 clear over deep magenta, Archangel Haniel bottle 103 opalescence pale blue over deep magenta and Archangel Samael bottle 102 deep olive green over deep magenta are also included in this framework of the energy of the “Fallen Angels” and the Fallen Angels within ourselves.

    Using the Rescue base of the Deep Magenta, we find upon shaking the Archangels, Metatron, Haniel and Tzaphkiel, that the colour energy code comes together as balance bottle 78 violet over deep magenta, Ace of Pentacles in the tarot, and sitting in the Earth World of Kether within the Tree of Life and carrying the energy in consciousness of the Crown Chakra Rescue.

    Vicky Wall the founder of Aura-Soma spoke of the Luciferic energy on the emerald green ray, primarily to do with all which is out of harmony, out of balance of the Eternal Truth. We see the Master Djwal Khul reigning in Kether the top sphere in the Tree of Life, the Holy sphere of Coagulation.  Us and God, all things are part of us as part of God, all vibrating to the perfection of Light and Love.

    What we then see, is the intense transformation and transmutation within the whole colour spectrum, coupled with the deepest pain the soul can ever suffer: being separated in consciousness from the Divine Love and the way of Divinity. Pentacles are to do with the earth plane this is the highest fall, from the lofty spiritual planes, and all the Divine blessings

    Therefore, this energy flows through the Tree and Creation as loving Service to His Creation. But unfortunately, we are given the choice to explore all the wonderful things painted upon this Canvas, and having Divine Creativity built within, we are able to explore and create from our own perspective.  This is also how the perfect plan is expressed. The problems arise when we think we can improve upon that Eternal Blueprint.

    This is where Archangel Tzaphkiel comes in Bottle 107 opalescence turquoise over deep magenta.

    But how? 

    Try to look at the totality of the Archangels commencing with bottle 94 Archangel Michael pale blue over pale yellow, the original blueprint, “Thy Will, Not My Will.”  With the yellow Ray of individuality, individual expression through the intellect, personal will, and personal understanding. This is the clue – the Plan is that the Soul: that pure, all knowing, Divine Consciousness is able to descend into the World of Maya, the World of Matter and maintain Divine Consciousness.  However, the whole Adam and Eve story of being sidetracked to become involved with God’s toys was so strong, that gradually we forgot who we were. That all blissful, all peaceful, all knowing, that we are that original Spark of Divine Consciousness.

    The first Archangels to appear were the energies of Union, Bliss, Healing, Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness. Then gradually we moved toward the pink, of needing forgiveness, carrying residues of bitterness from the olive green until finally, we arrive at the great well of unshed tears. That feeling of colourlessness and the intense grief of the Black Moon, Metatron Bottle 100  clear over deep magenta carried over from the persecution of the intense Olive from the bottle before and the bottle after.  This is the wounding of the feminine side of Godliness or the Goddess within.


    We need to take note of the fact that the first Archangels from Archangel Michael commence numerically with bottle 94, the nine being the completion of a cycle, and the four representing form and structure, the yellow/gold of bottle 4 that shows the fears, ego, self importance, self identity and the energy of this Tarot Card The Emperor. When we add the numbers 9 + 4 = 13 this is the energy of the Tarot Card of Death. On the soul’s descent this is death of wisdom, on the ascent death of ego consciousness where joy and wisdom can then rise up through all the planes of existence.

    Without going into all the Tarot Card energies, you can do this for yourself we do understand however, that the pathway of the Hermit the number 9 turquoise over green bottle and hermit card as depicted by Vicky Wall, is the pathway where we first deviated from the Truth. We have the turquoise, being unfeeling, unconscious, out of our heart space and into science, over the emerald green of the Lucerferic force.  The Emperor is the card where we did not pass on the knowledge, “we provided fish, but did not teach how to fish”, but this is the way home, remembering how to acquire knowledge from without, which awakens the wisdom within.

    The first Archangels all commence with 9, completing a cycle within that particular colour code, and chakra system in consciousness and evolution.

    The next sequence of Archangels will be to do with number 1. The Magician including the Black Magic, as well as the 0 the Fool, and Spiritual Rescue with the colour code of the deep blue of the Holy Ghost, Spiritual Union with “all that is” within the 3rd eye and the deep all encompassing peace, the Mystic, those who have taken the Boddavistic vow.

    From here we will move through the first Major Arcana back to the original bottles that came through Vicky Wall.

    Archangel Jophiel
    Moving forward to Archangel Jophiel, 101 we touch base yet again with the Will of God. But the essence of camouflage and bitterness through the olive green, that memory of being all there is, floating in Oneness of Divine Consciousness, the “peace that passeth all understanding” is not only unclear, but also forgotten.  The intense separation in consciousness, the bitterness of that separation is intense.  This is further implied by the energy of The Fool carrying the energy of the Aleph Beth and The Magician, Beit. However, contained within the numbers is “memory” of that original blueprint, and memory contained with the Soul of that Divine Union once more. We see the clue that the pathway of The Fool bottle 0  royal blue over deep magenta and the Magician bottle 1 blue over magenta lead into powerful spheres.  One gives us the Vision of Sorrow; arousing compassion, the other is the way we continually look to God for guidance and security.

    Take the Spiritual Rescue of 0 out and we have bottle 11, the pathway of Spiritual Pride and tarot card of strength.  It is here that the energy of Bottle 106 , misty pale olive green over misty pale violet Archangel Ratziel was conceived. 
    So one should ask why was the bottle frosted?  Why did some souls receive a clear one, then some a frosty one; now it is to become clear again.  The answer of course is; these are the Cosmic energies trying to overpower the spiritual ignorance, the Soul forgetfulness throughout the Dark Ages.

    This is revealed in Samael 102.  The deep olive, deep bitterness, intense camouflage of the Divine Plan; the slow death, the stagnation of Divinity. But contained within is the Blue Ray of The High Priestess, leading us down the central path within the Tree of Life into the heart space, which when filled with love is healing.  The Healing from The Magician is magically working, albeit it is struggling on through stagnant waters.

    Then we come to Haniel 103, we see the merciful waters of Mother Earth. We see that part of the debt to be repaid, is the way our Earth Mother has been abused, her blueprint has been tampered with. But this happened a long time before you and I were present, on the face of this earth in this lifetime.  This goes back to the partial dissolution of Mother Earth during the times of the Great Flood, and we see in Haniel, the Olive branch of Hope carried on the wings of the Dove, from the preceding Olive energy, has reached the safe shores of that eternal Divine love, imprinted upon us as that original blueprint of our Creator.
    It is here that the Turquoise Ray is introduced.  If we do not remain in communication with our heart, we gradually become separated from our truth and the truth.  However, in the positive, The Holy Trinity is still very present

    The Mica which has inhibited electrical impulses, on the dark side, and is an element within ourselves to do with metamorphosis, also supports “self reflection, and to recognise contrary characteristics of another contained within ourselves”.  It helps us recognize the flaws of humanness and helps us love the same. Mica also supports clarity of vision and mysticism.

    The Opal essence supports “creativity, memory, faithfulness, loyalty, awakens psychic and mystical qualities, understanding of the higher powers of intuition.  It is known as Rainbow Fire, related to “dreamtime.” Negatively is increases “invisibility, fading into the background” one would see this as the Rescue oil of Divinity being pushed back, both the mica and the opal have the ability to cloud our vision, of what it is to be still and calmly active.  If we cannot receive Divine electrical impulses, into our central nervous system, the yellow contained within the energy of the four, until we have undergone metamorphosis, this is the work of the Black Magician, working His energy through all these bottles.(However, we know the aura-soma pomanders and oils that support the metamorphosis of the physical form to draw not only our Astral form, but our Causal form closer to us for perfection of the physical)

    Here we get the breakthrough with Archangel Chamael, 104 the iridescence pink over the magenta and we got a glimpse of it. The need to forgive our wanderings, the intense pull back towards perfect love, perfection of the divine image within ourselves, this is exemplified through the Magenta, with all that Light. This is the Archangel of Loving Rescue, and above all, loving rescue for the Ego identity, which has to be created and experienced as part of the Divine Plan. 

    Here, that wonderful yellow gold of bottle 4 shows the worlds of form and structure as created through consciousness, not completely united within the blueprint. The energy of the Dark Lord and the Death Star Fleet, creating with fear, doubt insecurity etc., have to return the yellow gold back in Divine knowledge, wisdom, joy, laughter. And basically to see that the whole thing is a Cosmic Joke, a Cosmic Play, and guess who are the actors on the stage of Life/the Cosmic joke. We are!!!!

    Of course this drama can only be followed with the Orange, Archangel Azreal 105 iridescence coral over coral working in the sacral chakra of deep inner emotion, plus the stimulus of the inner wisdom the innate wisdom, the bliss and joy of God.  However, there is a need to continue to awaken by questioning further, still a need to crave inner joy, inner peace and that wonderful Divine Stillness of the Soul life.  There is a need to understand the energy of “The Lovers” on the Red Ray.  Working in the base chakra, the world of desire the eternal trap of ego consciousness and then the Devil card, the first chance to take Initiation, but it can seem too hard, and we wish to throw in the towel.

    Here there is a “getting together” with the Astral Body, the Emotional body and a great healing for the Emotional body.  We see at last, a vibrational energetic flow for the first time, between the Blue and the True aura, the Third Eye and the Soul.  That Eternal Etheric web, like the umbilical cord joining baby to the mother is happening again.   The energy of Eternal attachment to our Creator is active and energised it can only become stronger as we awaken further. 

    How to awaken? By remembering the Truth!

    We now see the energy of Archangel Ratziel 106 Pale Olive over Pale violet of Saint Germain the transformation of the bitterness, a healing for the nightmares of the mind the world of Swords.  A healing for the camouflaged spirituality, the pale Olive containing both bitterness, resentment, stagnation, camouflage,  but also tenacity, a process, refreshment, feminine leadership, ancient wisdom, remembrance from Moldavia, the Planet of the Om People.   Hope.

    But why the frosted bottle, which I did not receive?  One would ask what cannot be seen within and when within, what cannot be seen without.  Saint Germain is to do with “the walk on the pathway of the highest order” also healing for grief, and sits in the sphere of Yesod/Dissolution to do with intuitive moon/mother energy, but tears, and rebuilding our lives once an area of our lives has changed dramatically, the destructive part of the Creator.  Opened with the Hebrew letter Yod, “the hand of God”.   Any dreams to do with water and fluids are related to Yesod.

    In many ways it has to do with the Garden of Gethsemane where Christ was betrayed by Judas.  Bottle 7 is to do with a “test of faith” also in the tarot the removal of obstacles, Saint Germain has come to help if we can awaken the ancient wisdom within from the olive green, have hope and refresh our spirituality, we come into that wonderful balance and healing from within our heart space from entrapment into desire, restlessness, forcefulness, jealousy and hate etc.  The red energy of “resistance” becomes awakening, grounding and draws our Earth Star Karmic patterning into our hearts for understanding and acceptance.

    There is still a great need however, to heal any bitterness and resentment contained deep within the self, all those areas we are holding grief, instead of joy, love and forgiveness, which is in reality, understanding   We must accept physicality as part of our Spirit, a process the Soul needs to be Master of.  The wholeness of our Spirit is never in reality, locked into the physical it is part of the delusion.

    Archangel Tzaphkiel 107 opalescence turquoise over deep magenta
    The deep opalescence turquoise with the cloudy haze, often settling at the midpoint over the True Aura, as a rock, some think the rock of Uluru in Australia.  In many ways this is a final attempt by the Dark Forces to hold back the racing consciousness, awakening throughout humanity towards freedom, the Light and the Bliss of God.

    Think of what is happening globally with modern technology; particularly the kids, but adults too. We are locked into communicating with a machine, always looking downwards, not upwards and inwards, but into a mobile phones, texting, ipods, things stuck in our ears, staring at a computer screen, etc.   No true communication, no facial movement, no personality expression, no emotion. What does this say? Robotic!!!!  Where did this come from? the last days of Lemuria and Atlantis.
    What happened? partial dissolution of Mother Earth, the great flood, Noah’s arc etc., etc.

    So in some ways we are back at the beginning. Of course, we have just come through the orange phase of the time line, but we are now on another level, and we have re-introduced the olive ray again (through the energy of the 7). But instead of intense bitterness, there is more joy, more intellect, more green, the way of Truth, the way of the heart, but most of all this is the tarot card of the removal of obstacles. It has to be a winner, even though there is the energy of the 8, Justice.  “Let your heart be as light as a feather,” meaning a lessening of fear, doubt and insecurity, more trust in the Eternal competency of the Play Writer. There was never an error, only the play of the goodies and the baddies: all from the same original blueprint of Purity, Pure Love and Pure Light.  Take note, that throughout the Archangels with the Deep Magenta, the complementary colour is Olive green, so we are always fighting stagnation, indifference, resentment and bitterness. But on the other hand, there is hope and ancient wisdom to be remembered. Wow!!!!!

    All I can say is Halleljiah!!! We are living in a time where the spiritual ignorance, commonly known as Evil, and implemented by the Bread of Shame; the forgetfulness of the Soul of its Eternal connection with its Creator. That perfect state of peace, joy, light and love union with all things and part of All There Is, is nearing a completion.

    I do not mean tomorrow, or next week, but we are on the upward spiral, supporting this energy. We are climbing slowly but surely into the next Age of Enlightenment, the next Golden Age, an age of 12,000 years, the Yuga of the Mind and emancipation of Human consciousness.  This is the time to be freed from the Eternal Wheel of Karma.  We must take the opportunity of becoming self realised as The Soul, for when we reach the top of this karmic cycle of awakening and remembering, we commence the downward spiral into another dark age of forgetfulness.

    This is why Aura-Soma was born. We are all here as teachers, practitioners, etc., bringing awakening back on a Soul level, to all who choose bottles, to all who are willing to show us their colours.  It is up to us to take responsibility to be Spiritual Rescuers. To give understanding of what causes pain, disappointment, despair, a lack of self love, self acceptance, gratitude etc, and to enable everyone to understand there is no separation between us and “all there is”.  It is imperative that we all co-operate as one state of Divine consciousness, filled with beauty, love, tolerance, understanding and union and allowing all to be a perfect reflection of Divinity.

    As everything is cyclic, we now continue on through the time line and Archangel Tzaphkiel. We can expect the next Archangel to be born, to be a reflection of bottle 9 contained within the Major Arcana, as a completion of a cycle.  We also return to the pathway of the Hermit where the first deviation of the truth was implemented. We can now make the adjustment through the understanding of the Christ Consciousness, utilizing the Coral ray reflected back through Archangel Tzaphkiel, from the Turquoise ray.  A healing for all that “unrequited love” Chiron our own personal wounding.

    Let us all make a pledge within, to always speak the truth. Trying to feel when things are correct, not getting caught up in the intellect, but using solid reasoning power, and allow the energies to flow through our hearts.  Most of all let us know there is in reality no Evil, no Karma, only the Perfection of God.  Let us understand: once we “remember”, once we know, we can never, not know.  Like the wonderful chant “He who knows, knows he knows, none else knows”.
    I leave you with this affirmation. 
    “I am Infinite calmness, nothing can ruffle me, I am Infinite Bliss, nothing, can make me sad”

    I would appreciate feedback on this. Of course there is a lot more to see, with the numerical matrix, more into the Tarot, where the Archangels sit on the Tree, the Hebrew letters etc., but I only wish to introduce the thoughts of these Rescue Oils in regard to healing the Fallen Angel within ourselves.

    I also wish to state that this has been intuitive, and I believe there is much more in depth information about the Fallen Angels/Archangels on the net, but for myself and to pass this on, I only wished to work with the energies as having come through the aura-soma system.

    Thanks for taking time to read this.

    Lots of love Alysea

    Alysea's Website




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