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Love and Anger Which One Heals?

So many things have happened since the last newsletter where do we begin? We are seeing anger and love all around the world at the moment. Love cannot live where anger resides and without love we are not living. When love is not present, we only exist in our daily lives. Without love there is no way to heal ourselves or even to heal another, therefore to help us stay healthy, wealthy and wise, "Love is the Key".

When I look at the last few weeks since the April newsletter we have more uprisings in the Middle East. Their own governments are killing their own people because they are angry that they may lose their power and wealth from the people they have taken it from for so many years.

There is that subjugation so that love can be smothered and any love is then replaced by fear that eventually turns to anger, disappointment, and disillusion for change to happen.

Then we had the death of Sathya Sai Baba, on the 24th April. An Avatar, one of whom's mottos was "You look to me, I look to you", and he called upon us to become the living Gods/Goddesses within ourselves so that we may love and serve each other in love and light. But we are not seeing this happening in the world today. With Swami's death came the infighting of who will take charge and who has control of the material aspect of this great Avatars' empire of hospitals, schools, shelters etc for the needy.

I wonder if our egos and our connection to the material side of our lives is so empowering that love is forgotten. I have my own personal experiences with Sai Baba when he first appeared to me early one morning in my living room and the smell of jasmine was so strong how could I not love, this love he was giving me. I was in England at the time and going through a very dark night of the soul and he brought me comfort when I most needed it, and this has happend many times since that first encounter.

Sai Baba

Many say he did things that were trickery and used his standing to abuse, I am not here to judge. All I can say is that devotees of Sai Baba that I have met over the years are beautiful and always there to lend a helping hand. Sai Baba to me was an Avatar that will be greatly missed upon this planet even though I was not one of his devotees he never deserted me when I needed help.

Royal Wedding

Then on the 29th April we saw a love made in heaven, the marriage of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William to Kate Middleton. I watched every second of this historic occasion and saw the love that this couple have for each other and saw the love that William was given by his mother Princess Diana, Queen of Hearts for his future role as king to his people.

Then I received an e-mail written from an English astrologer called Lynette Fryer. Here is part of the article which she wrote about this wedding.

I have done the Birth charts of Kate and William and of the Wedding event and the Composite of their relationship and all of these have been discussed within my Astrology groups, hence why I am sharing the conclusion of this work with you all BEFORE the wedding, so that you can make your own minds up with whatever happens. The conclusion was that this event will be Over-lighted by the Divine Feminine energy of Diana.

As 'purely by accident' one of my students suggested that we have a look at Diana's chart and death chart to see if there are any connections with this event and the most amazing thing happened, her birth chart and death chart completely connect with this wedding, she will Over-light it.I felt that the last time we 'saw' Diana in 'public' i.e. 'officially', was at Westminster Abbey and the 'first' time we will see Kate, 'officially', will be at Westminster Abbey to 'take her vows'. This will be a completion of the 'loss' of 'England's Rose' at Diana's funeral, and this will now be 'returned' when Kate says her vows, she will then embody the Divine Feminine energy that was taken away from England with Diana, and of course, the 'return' of 'Diana' to William.

This couple embody the energy of the Divine King and Queen they were both born on an eclipse! He on a solar eclipse [Divine king] and she on a lunar eclipse (Divine female], what are the chances of this happening!!! Then to add to that, they were both born when Halley's Comet was 'visiting' our Solar system from space [bringing with it, the divine energy from the stars] so they have Halley's Comet in their birth charts, and of course, to add to the synchronicity of this event, Diana died on an eclipse!

In ancient times, the high priest/priestess took the sign of an eclipse to be a divine intervention. In ancient times the abundance of the land depended on the king being 'divine' and marrying the divine feminine, the high priestess, in order to 'honour' the goddess, this I feel will happen next Friday. >

I always remember Sir George Trevelyan [England's mystic] saying that England will lead the way into the New Age, and here we are with a 'Divine Royal Marriage' at Beltane, the ancient time of the sacred marriage!!!!! The year before 2012. This couple will lead the way for England in the coming New Age, as the "Divine King & Queen". So maybe it is watch this space to see how this develops.


World in Chains


Now we have the death of Osama Bin Laden and the anger in his community versus the celebration by the rest of the world of this death. Feelings run high in both communities after the refusal to publish photographs proving that he is in fact dead. The world continues to be fractured and held hostage to ideologies and ethnicity. Looking at the two images, the one above and the one below, I know which world I would rather live in!


World in Chains


Wow, within a few weeks we have all experienced situations that have shown us anger and love in its many forms. Where do each of us stand as individuals with respect to anger and love? This is important because love cannot be in partnership with anger, so we need to choose which side we want to live in, for our own healing and the healing of others. Having love and empathy in balance is essential because when we are in balance our healing energy flows freely. However when we are angry our own healing energy becomes blocked and dis-ease begins to manifest. I make no apologies for once again emphasising that negativity can be likened to weeds in a garden, give it a furtile environment and it will devastate everything until there is no beauty left in your lives. It is your garden and your own choice as to what you let grow in the depths of your feelings - remember each of us is our own gardener.


As a Reiki Master myself for over 15 years I now realise that when I am in sympathy (rescuing is sympathy) with my client and I wish to rescue and save that person that little happens with their healing because I am in sympathy mode instead of being in empathy with the client.

However, when I am in EMPATHY with the client the love flows freely and they feel that love from a different vibration and there is no attachment to the outcome of the healing. That person knows and feels on an energy level that love is following without any reward to myself and they have the right to self choice to heal or not.

The whole concept of empathy in society is dealt with in in a very powerful way by the RSA which is available on YouTube, just press the following link - it is very worthwhile:


So, with everything happening around us at this time of change, remember "Love is the Key" and where there is pain, anger and revenge love cannot exist.

I give you this "Affirmation of Service" by Dr. R. F. Barrett.

I choose to carry out my day as if it is my last
I will give freely and unconditionally that which I can.
I will provide service to one or more persons with or without their knowledge.
Thought coupled with action equals change, therefore, as I think and act, I can and will create the positive changes in my community and world.
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve humanity today.

I would now like to introduce you to Christine Core. Christine and I have been friends for many years together with her husband Kevin whom I worked together with for a number of years while he was developing Angelic Reiki and the Golden Heart Merkabah system. Unfortunately Kevin is no longer with us but he has left these marvellous modalities in the very capable hands of his wife Christine who has been a Reiki Shamballa Master for as long as I can remember.

With her own knowledge and her connections to spirit her courses are very beautiful to attend. Christine is a dear friend coming to stay with us from Egypt to hold Angelic Reiki and Shamballa Reiki workshops here in Singapore. I will now pass you over to Christine.

New Shamballa, The Promise of Heaven on Earth

What are you looking for? Where do you think your path is leading? There is an age-old spiritual joke which tells us where to find the Divine. It tells us that "God" is hiding in the place we will always forget to look.

The legend of Shamballa or Shangri-La as the most perfect and heavenly place on earth, is ancient. Many seekers have set off on arduous trips in the Himalayas to find this place. Perhaps there is such a place and there is a city in the most beautiful valley of those high mountains but it is not just a physical place. It is part of the promise of the Ascension process; that it is possible to find heaven on earth. Have you noticed though, that when you think that something outside yourself is going to give you what you are looking for there is usually disappointment.

You have probably heard of these ideas before and it is all very interesting but if we do not have a tangible and practical understanding of how to find heaven, the Divine and Love right here now, it is nothing but spiritual rhetoric. We as human beings have become hostage to 4 main programs.


To be afraid of change and the unknown;

To doubt that things will be okay;

To worry about what might happen

To judge.

All of these hide us from knowing the Divine that is here and screen us from Love.

Many people talk about letting go of fear, doubt, and worry. I feel that this is misunderstood. The key to finding Love is letting go of judgement. I don't know if you have found this, but unless one is actually enlightened, the spiritual theory of letting go of fear is fine but fear still arises.

I Christine live in Egypt and at the time of the uprising I really did not know what might happen and yes fear of losing everything was there. That was what was there. There was part of me observing it and knew that I was a spiritual being, but Christine was worried. Then came the opportunity for judgement and self-reproach and the thought "I should not be afraid. I should trust and not worry". I believe it is judgement that keeps us locked away from Love. How different can it be if I was to Love, comfort and accept the Christine that was frightened?

This kind of Love which is beyond judgement can be and is permanent. This is the key to Unconditional Love, to heaven and finding the Divine. It is not in some place when we have improved. It is here to be felt now when we let go of judgement. When we can do this for ourselves we can extend this feeling to others and this is where a Love for the whole of humanity and the Ascension process starts.

This Unconditional Love is the essence of Shamballa. It is a state of consciousness where everything is embraced in compassion. Unconditional Love does not judge. It is the door to finding the Divine in everything.


In my workshops I often point out that although sometimes we really do not understand that the Divine can be in everything, in truth the creator does not have any exception clauses at the bottom of its contract with us. It is not like your house insurance that will cover you for everything EXCEPT clauses a to z. It is therefore just a way of looking, a way of extending unconditionally acceptance, understanding and compassion.

This, though, is not just a nice idea. It is true, and when an understanding of the nature of every dimensional is understood the truth of this is obvious. Sacred geometry and the principals behind the flower of life demonstrate to us that there are 12 dimensional vibrations that create our known universe. All of these as one, is known as the 13th dimensional. These are not separate and a higher dimensional is not in some far-off place. Creation is like a symphony around us merging and flowing into one manifestation. The truth is that just as the higher notes of music are not better or more spiritual, neither are the higher dimensions. Again it is our judgements that create this perception. There is no hierarchy in spirit. All is equally Divine. This wisdom is also our gateway to embracing Unconditional Love. Some people wish they were not here on earth; others think that life will be more beautiful and spiritual when they have left the incarnation and others like meditating so that they can drift off into higher realms. But all is equally Divine.

If we were to consider a molecule, a constituent part of the second dimensional and a building block of our earth. It is constructed the same as our solar system and Galaxy. So the Divine must be there on the very earth on which we walk. Molecule




I am holding an Introduction Day to the Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen.

This day is for anyone who is interested in Colour Puncture rather than Acupuncture.

You do not need to know anything about colour or Aura-Soma®.

Venue: 2E Amber Road, Singapore Cost: S$ 75 includes lunch and all refreshments

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New Shamballa
The Real-ization of Heaven on Earth. Living as a Master.
The 13 dimensions of creation and13 attunements to the Energy of the Unconditional Love of each dimension.

A 5-day workshop;

Date Wednesday 8th to 12th of June 2011
Time 10.00 am to 5.30 pm daily
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