June Newsletter - The Feminine!


It is almost the Summer Solstice and we are nearly half way through the year, where does the time go? This made me begin to think about the concept of time and about the past and the ancient wisdom that has been forgotten over the centuries. With this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to look at the Goddess archetype that we carry around within ourselves on a daily basis. However most of the time we are not even aware of acknowledging them or that we are even aware that we are portraying these archetypes.

As time goes by we forget things from the past and with our busy hectic lives we really do not take time to smell the flowers. Then what struck me the other day while I was walking my dogs a lady passed me who was very muscled, athletic, attractive, and determined, and then straight away in my mind flashed the word Amazon.

At that flash of inspiration I then asked myself is she an Amazon woman or is she really Athena the warrior goddess? Then I remembered that last year I had put a course together called "Empower the Goddess Within". I had taken the idea from my colour knowledge and twelve beautiful depictions of Goddess portraits drawn by Phyliss Mahon (one of which is reproduced here) and placed them around the zodiac wheel.

At the time I had read Caroline Myss's book "Sacred Contracts" that described the archetypal wheel and that got me thinking in relation to the colours we project and the energy of the goddesses. These define the positive and negative aspects of who we are and empower us .......or not!

I then had a few students interested in this course and during that 3 day course we explored our colours and how they make us feel in relation to the Goddess for each sign in the zodiac. On the last day we looked at the birth charts to see which Goddesses were dominant in our lives and how we related to them. The insight at this point was amazing and very rewarding because it became clear that from a very young age we begin to develop these archetypes within ourselves.

I was then discussing this with a close girlfriend and we thought what a great idea it would be to combine our knowledge on this subject and put together a two day workshop on Empowering the Feminine. Below Saira will explain more and I hope you can come and join us in this very first wonderful workshop. I am so excited about teaching this two day workshop on Empowering the Feminine not only for yourself but how to bring it into your work place as well.



Empowering the Feminine

by Saira Salmon

www.sairasalmon.com and www.lifedesigns.org


We are living at an amazing period in time – a period when the human race has the potential to make a big leap forwards in terms of evolutionary consciousness. As part of this, we are seeing all sorts of things begin to be challenged and questioned as old ways become out of step with the new consciousness.

One of the healthier patterns trying to emerge is to do with a rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies. For thousands of years patriarchal societies have held sway, led by the rise of the warrior societies, which has not just suppressed – sometimes quite brutally – and demeaned those qualities unique to the feminine, but also left the masculine in a wounded state. The Chinese ying/yang symbol beautifully and simply expresses what we are striving for – masculine and feminine in perfect harmony, the one perfectly complimenting and balancing the other.

The reality, as we know, has been the opposite of this. But those of you who are 'plugged in' to many of the energetic changes coming through over the last few years, will be aware that there has been a resurgence of the feminine energy which has been so deeply supressed and wounded. Men as well as women have been aware of this, and in many quarters there is a softening and some small steps towards a better balance.

And this is where we all come in. Working more consciously with this, understanding the nature of the imbalances that sit within even the most feminine of women, and how to find a harmony with this, is an essential part of the role every conscious woman on the planet has to play in the unfolding drama that marks this particular moment in time (for more information see article: Creating a New Golden Age. www.sairasalmon.com). It was the Dalai Lama himself who said it is the Western woman who will save the world. What did he mean by this?

It is my belief that if women everywhere understand and work to bring their own unique blending of the feminine energies into a harmonious balance within themselves, they will inevitably help to bring the masculine into a proper union with the feminine – one which is about partnership and proper respect and understanding for the different qualities we each bring to it. This will help to build a future where women don't have to behave like 'mini-men' in order to succeed, or lose both social and economic status when they chose to undertake the important work of birthing and raising the next generation; a world where the strengths of the feminine and the strengths of the masculine can truly complement each other to the betterment of both.

Achieving this can be quite difficult for even the most switched on of women. We have been deeply conditioned within a patriarchal society to accept many ways which grate, as being the 'accepted' way of doing things, and don't question it. So how do we work to undo some of this deeply conditioned behaviour and become proper role models for the upcoming generations?

A really effective tool I have discovered that helps both men and women is that of working with archetypal energies. It was Carl Jung in the 20th century who first developed the understanding of these recognisable and instinctual behaviour patterns, and the study of these has become a rich field. At its simplest we all know what we mean when we say the word 'Mother' or 'Clown' or 'Bully'. Each of these carries a form of archetypal energy that according to Jung is universal, and carries universal understanding of the behaviour patterns acted out by somebody embodying each particular archetype.

Many practitioners within both the psychological and spiritual fields have taken this work further, and, if you care to learn it, there is a whole language of archetypes that can help you understand not just the energies most prevalent in yourself, but also in others, and therefore how best to interact and understand things.

What has this to do with the feminine? Well, as every woman will tell you she isn't a one-dimensional persona. Within us all are different, often quite contradictory, aspects which make up who we are. Understanding what they are, what is predominant, what is weak, what needs toning down and what needs strengthening to help you achieve your full potential has given me some truly amazing insights into who I truly am in a fully authentic sense, and what I need to develop or work further with to aid me on the road to living the best life I really can.

Using classical goddesses to 'label' these different aspects of the feminine gives us a very easily comprehensible way to connect with these energies within ourselves. For example, within the bitterness and rages of the disappointed and wronged wife we see Hera, but at her most healthy we also have the impulse toward union and true marriage. Understanding her full story, and what both the shadow and the light aspects of Hera tell us enable us to see not only if we hold these impulses within us – and indeed are maybe acting out some aspect of them - but also to embody some of the more positive characteristics where they will be of use to us in our lives.

Hera at her most healthy speaks of a force of nature, the true power of woman. She was the Queen of Heaven and a powerful and capable person in her own right, but disrespected, demeaned and humiliated by her husband.

The patriarchy is uncomfortable with powerful women to the point of feeling threatened, and tries to diminish them. Think of Margaret Thatcher, very capable but caricatured and mocked in a way no male leader has to endure. Find Hera within yourself and you are in touch with the core of your feminine power, and can learn to use it without becoming the nag or fishwife (some of the derogatory terms for a strong but frustrated woman whose ability to express and fulfil herself is deeply limited.)

Or take Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Christian society very quickly restricted women to two roles – Madonna or whore! Aphrodite, of course, with her overtones of sexuality, is the whore. Or is she? In her most shadow aspect, maybe. But is a love of beauty an expression of the whore? Is it wrong (or even sinful) to find pleasure in a beautiful picture, the texture of a velvet cloth, the taste of exquisite food. Of course not! But these too are expressions of Aphrodite, just as much as pleasure through sex is a part of Aphrodite.


If you have a strong Aphrodite in your make up, how do you work best with her to ensure she does not express through socially unacceptable behaviour? Or is she a deeply wounded part of you that you are struggling to acknowledge and are deeply uncomfortable with – very common for many women who are very uneasy with this aspect of themselves, and routinely deny even the simplest forms of self-nurture and pleasure. Aphrodite's love of beauty and femininity need to be expressed in an appropriate way for a woman to fully own her feminine nature. But how do you do this? And how does this complement the masculine?

And then we have Athena – the modern world is ripe with Athena women, as Athena knows how to survive in a man’s world, and even thrive, and is therefore a persona any woman in the business world cultivates. She takes on many of the aspects of the patriarchy in order to succeed, but her wound is a betrayal of her feminine nature and this imbalance leads to a lack of emotional depth, living in her head, disconnected from her body, and having an inability to properly nurture either herself, or others. And then we have the others – Artemis, Hestia, Demeter, Persephone, all have rich lessons to teach us and help to offer as we work towards embodying healthy expressions of the feminine as we individually work our way towards self-empowerment. Speaking personally, the insights that I have had through the course of studying these archetypal energies, seeing how they are playing out in my life, have been priceless, and given me a context and very real understanding about how to handle things for the better.


For a woman to take on male characteristics in order to survive within a male dominated world is understandable, but it has a price.  And everywhere I see women paying it – in stress, in overwhelm, in unhappiness and ill health. There is no flow to their lives, no real sense of empowerment. Being incongruent with aspects of their feminine nature sets up a dissonance and brings resistance into every aspect of their lives.

Understanding and working with these wonderful archetypal energies will not only give you tools to understand what is playing out in your life, but will also help each one of us do our individual part in collectively changing the consciousness of our species and our planet, so we really can make that evolutionary leap into a very different paradigm to the one we have come from – a world where the feminine can stand in true union with the male.

For those of you wanting to explore this fascinating subject further, I am putting the finishing touches to a downloadable course helping you to both understand and rebalance these archetypes within yourself. If you want to know more, please sign up to my mailing list on www.sairasalmon.com and you will be notified as soon as it is ready.

In addition, Colette and I are holding a fun, 2-day workshop on 22nd and 23rd June in Warwickshire to explore each of the major feminine archetypes in more detail, as well as relating them to colour and other modalities to help you connect and work successfully to empower the healthy feminine in your life. For more information contact; Saira on +44 (0)7712 74729 or saira@lifedesigns.org and myself at colette@windsofchange.asia

Saira Salmon is a holistic nutrition coach who works with clients to bring about change, not just at the physical level, but to also open up awareness of other levels of imbalance that impact on a truly integrated sense of wellbeing. Her own journey of transformation has taken many pathways, both physical and metaphysical, and she brings all her knowledge and understanding of these to her clients and the workshops she teaches.




Empower the Feminine

June 22nd & 23rd

Held in Warwickshire England Price £150 for the two days

Contact; saira@lifedesigns.org or admin@windsofchange.asia



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