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July Newsletter - Empowering the Masculine!


Welcome everyone to July’s newsletter. You all read last month that I had Christine Core here to conduct a 5 day Shamballa workshop with 13 attunements. I am still integrating these and the process is very interesting and profound on many different levels. I really did not know what to expect from this course and at certain limes I was wondering why I was there at all, but all became very clear on the last day.

Once again I am talking about change and change is happening for many at the moment. Even for myself it is changing big time and this course I must say is helping me to stay conscious and aware of what is happening around me rather than going off and living in the past or in the future.

Within this course we really had to focus on being present and be aware of ourselves at all times. For many I know who meditate this can be a very difficult process to stay conscious of the bodywhile the awareness expands but if you are able to really connect with the body andthen allow your awareness

to expand this state is amazing and really helps you to open the heart and feel what is happening in a very conscious way, so thank you Christine for this experience. Christine is also about to publish her own book on Angelic Reiki and she and her late husband brought into consciousness and that they have been teaching this form of Reiki around the world for the last 8 years. I was very privileged to work with Kevin and I helped him conduct the very first Angelic Reiki Workshop here in Singapore and Malaysia some 8 years ago. So watch this space and when the book is available I will let you all know.

Last month was about Empowering the Feminine and in August I will be telling you more about this amazing new course that empowers through finding the Goddess within but that will have to wait until August.

In compiling this newsletter I am assisted admirably by my husband Peter, without whom there would be no news letter and of course in the process of putting it together he has to read it. Being a man he also never misses the opportunity to comment. Clearly, last month he had to read reams about the Feminine. Not unexpectedly he commented - "and what about the other 50% of the human race?" I gave in! So, this month Peter decided it should be Empower the Masculine.

When we lived in Malaysia I was very active with a group of like minded people finding ourselves, going to esoteric workshops, healing and all kinds of modalities. During that time Peter wrote an article for the British magazine called “Living with a Spook”. I thought it would be good to include this article but now Peter will expand upon it to bring you all up to date with living with a Spook and hopefully your partners or husbands will be able to sympathise with him and understand what their wives and partners are actually trying to achieve and what they are experiencing. I hope you all have a good laugh and enjoy this article and I look forward to catching up with you all next month.

Living with a
"Slightly Patronising Occidental Organiser of Karma"


The first clue that your wife has become a Spook is when you return unexpectedly from a hard day at the office to find your living room taken over by a group of ladies, all talking in hushed voices. The topic can vary but may include such strange terms as Ascended Master, chakras, Merkabah etc.

You enquire politely what they are discussing  but receive the slightly patronising response,
"Don't worry dear, … wouldn't understand". 
"Why wouldn't I understand?", you ask in a hurt tone.
"Because you're a male dear, don't worry about it!", this is then followed by one of those meaningful looks which says, go away!

Well its happened, your wife has secretly become a spook, and strange forces are now going to change your life, forever. The first tangible manifestation may be bits of coloured glass, or more correctly…..Crystals. Did you know for example that they have energy? The first time I was told this, I replied, "Rubbish". This then elicited the acid comment "I knew your weren't Atlantean!". At this stage I was already learning, rather quickly, not to comment. It's no fun being insulted when you don't even understand the insult.

Hence when Colette started soaking an obviously impermeable substance in salt water, I said nothing. Nor did I respond when discovering our patio covered in crystals apparently soaking up the sun.
"Drying them?", I enquired politely,
"No you fool, re-energising them". Silly me!

Again arriving home, to the now usual secretive group of ladies talking in hushed tones, my nostrils suddenly flared, a full frontal nasal assault. Not your average Channel No 5 of course but mysterious, pungent, eastern smells that permeate the air with a heavy aura of flower power. My God they're smoking pot! I knew it would come to no good
"That's illegal in this country", I blurt.
"Pardon?", silence falls, eyes swivel.
"Pot, hash, whatever it's called these days".
As their expressions slowly dissolve into amused tolerance, I have this sinking feeling, done it again! Covering my embarrassment I offer,
"Tea, ladies?" and sidle off to the kitchen, blowing my nose to hide the red flush creeping up my neck.

Aromatherapy, or smell treatment as I call it, is now a part of my life and when I burn myself I automatically reach for the lavender oil, or dose my bath with jasmine and light my burner before lighting my computer.

I have also had my future defined on numerous occasions, not by the ubiquitous fortune teller using crystal balls and muttering about potential mid-night liaisons, but by far more scientific methods involving:

Numerology (adding up and taking away),

Runes (stones with strange signs),

I Ching (Chinese smart-arse),

Medicine Cards (Red Indian Poker),

Angel Cards (beautiful etheric beings),

Astrology (Galactic Lottery) and finally the king of them all -

Tarot Cards (Medieval Clockwork Patience).


Obviously, having had access to these ancient oracles the only surprise in my life should be, what's for dinner? The fact that they consistently fail to identify the next looming crisis can easily be explained, "
"You didn't ask the right question!"
Didn't ask the right question? How can you ask if a disaster is going to happen if you don't know that it might, clearly my intellectual capacity falls somewhat short of Einstein, but it all seems something of a black hole to me. Again a demonstration that I am not yet ready to ascend.

Yes I did say ascend, this is not the perfectly normal levitation (easily achieved by prudent use of LSD and very loud Jimmy Hendrix music) but something being plotted by beings called the Ascended Masters! As I understand it, a whole group of these guys suddenly went upwards and live in multiple dimensions, something like a celestial condo where you can go from floor to floor ringing peoples bells, getting them all worked up and then vanishing.

To add to the confusion they also occasionally "talk" to people. However, as they are not really here they can't talk but instead they "channel". However, ignoring these minor inconveniences, they still manage to get their message across, which may be paraphrased as being one of doom and gloom.


The axis of the world is moving, another dimension is approaching and if you're not enlightened you won't be able to ascend out of the chaos, unless of course your wife is able to conjure up a "mer ka ba", a sort of cosmic taxi.Luckily for me, one of the advantages of living with a spook is that this is child's play and so I live safe in the knowledge that I'm alright Jack!

What has also been news to me is that I have an aura, and its amazing what can be done with it. You can clean it, by sucking out the gunk (Pranic), you can refresh it by dousing it with colour (Aura-Soma), and you can focus the energies to help others (Reiki). This has required something of a leap of faith as I was apparently born blind. Not only can I not see them, I can't feel them either which just proves, I am told, that I am "insensitive and not open", and worse still "don't love myself unconditionally". This last is obviously not true as anyone having seen me in front of a mirror will realise.




Nonetheless, I persevere and can often be seen squinting sideways at people, which has on occasion got me into serious trouble. What is even more unnerving is that people can see the size of the various constituent parts or foci (Chakras). It can be quite devastating, as a male, to be told you have a small base or Sacral Chakra, even when your wife says size doesn't matter, nobody really believes that!

I have to say however that the changes which have taken place in our home have lead to a warm, calming atmosphere being created. This is not really surprising considering that most of the time meditation music is playing, incense is burning and clusters of ladies regularly chant Ommmmm, The effect is soporific and even our dogs seem to spend most their time meditating these days. I however, have yet to enter this place of calm and peace. I've tried sitting cross legged, eyes closed, trying desperately to imagine a column of light descending, but all to nought. I get cramp and also get caught peeking at the others or occasionally dropping off and letting myself down by snoring. I've now been banished from these communal get-togethers and instead get to make the tea, which also has its benefits as I get hugs from every lady that enters or leaves the house. In fact I forgot to mention that hugging is also part of the culture shock, everyone does it. These are not ordinary hugs, they are all enveloping, cheek to cheek hugs from head to foot. On one occasion there was an early morning get-together which meant that I was still walking around in my dressing gown. I have to admit blushing furiously when one of Colette's friends remarked after a particularly close hug, "You don't wear pyjamas, do you?". Exit, embarrassed, fumbling husband! Compass

The last major change has been a very odd one. Everyone started reading a book called "Conversations with God", a book that I had resolutely refused to read, if only because of the ridiculous title. The now regular group of ladies were discussing this one day and someone said wouldn't it be great if it was on tape. Aforesaid lady then suggested that it would have to be someone with a nice voice, who do we know? Again silence fell, and eyes swivelled. Oh, oh, caught again, I knew I should have made the tea!

Finally I agreed and was treated to multiple and enthusiastic hugs. How could I refuse? Obviously I couldn't and so it was that I found myself seated in a bedroom, in front of a recorder pretending to be God! The group was thrilled, they had tricked me into reading a book that I'd vowed never to read and also got their tapes. They did however live to rue the day because this book is filled with amazing down to earth wisdom which I would regurgitate at every opportunity, even going to the extent of providing our children with a copy. I don't think I'll be asked again!

Writing this it has made me reflect on how much life has changed. Living with a spook was never a conscious decision, in fact I don't recall even being asked! In this respect the changes are insidious, I even find myself telling other people to put the toilet lid down! It's not that I believe everything, its more a case of not taking the risk that I'm wrong and they're right. You also become inextricably drawn into the web, for example I even downloaded a program from the Internet that keeps me up to date with the phases of the Moon, so that I can warn Colette of the approach of a full Moon.

What will be next? Heaven or the Ascended Masters may know but I don't. I have broached the subject of Tantric Yoga but Colette is sceptical of my motives, believing my interest is more carnal than intellectual. You know sometimes they're are not as enlightened as they make out. For you other spooks out there I can only ask that you be patient with us mere mortals, remember you'll always need someone to make the tea and hang up the wind chimes. God Bless you All

Living with the Implications

I wrote the article above some time ago but joking apart many of those memories had a profound effect on me. I was forced to consider the question ''and what now?'' The curiosity is awoken, but male pride wants to go into denial. Instead, I have become infected. If, whatever these people do, makes them so happy, would it be such a sin to investigate a little further? I don’t have to tell anyone, certainly not any other male (or female for that matter, I couldn’t stand the welcome to the club hugs and kisses), I could do it on the sly, watching, listening, thinking. No one will ever know, certainly no one will ever suspect. But I do wonder, of course I do, why am I here, what difference is my life supposed to make, should I be doing something that I’m not doing, if God, the universal spirit, the cosmos for heaven’s sake, went to all the trouble of making me, surely I should be doing something! That’s my trouble, I like answers. What’s worse however, in this case I’m not sure I even know the questions.

Some things I do know. I was born and at some stage became aware. Whether I was two months or two years, I have no idea. At some stage I was me, a cognisant being. Its something you take for granted at that age. You have you, and you have them, you have Mum, Dad, brothers and or sisters. This life is something you take for granted. The sun rises, the sun goes down, you go to school, parents hope you will go on to further education, that you’ll get a good job, find the right spouse, settle down, have a nice house, have beautiful children, contribute to your pension fund, retire, become a wonderful grandfather, enjoy your twilight days on a golf course, enjoy Saga holidays and finally die peacefully in your sleep. Well to be honest I could have written a better beginning, and ending for that matter. What about, went to school, got educated, read all the wisdom that has ever been written, applied this knowledge to better the lives of millions, never asked for a cent but never needed one, felt the love of everyone I ever met, became a father figure to every child ever born, woke with a smile on my face every morning after just 4 hours sleep, and finally died helping someone else. Improbable, possibly, impossible, certainly not. Whether its Christ or Buddha or maybe hundreds of others (remember I’m a beginner I don’t know their names) many did just this. So where does this leave me, you.


Okay, lets start at the beginning. I was born and so, I presume, were you. But why? Why are we not cockroaches (some people I’ve met would qualify), or a horse, a dog. Why not some slithering slimy thing living under the ground, why not a flower or tree? I don’t know, but I bet neither do you. Luck of the draw? I don’t think so. We are here for a reason. Okay, so biologists preach natural evolution, survival of the fittest but each of these premises relate to survival. They do not explain what we were doing here in the first place. I see numerous programmes about ancient (pre) homo-sapiens but the missing link? If they could find it, it wouldn’t be missing would it? Tens of thousands of years before and tens of thousands afterwards, being a simple chap I would have thought that the missing link lasted equally long, so where is or are they? Perhaps we just appeared. Whatever! The idea of climbing out of the mud as a two celled amoeba and then rising to rule the planet just does not ring true. But even if it does, it might explain you, but it certainly doesn’t explain me. I exist, I know I do, whereas you may just be a figment of my own imagination. If as many say, we are God, then I could certainly imagine anything I want. I’m sorry, this is something for much later, probably after I think of some way to explain it. It does make you wonder though doesn’t it?

The important thing however, is that we find ourselves in this real or imaginary jungle, and certainly one goal in common with every other beast on this planet – survival! “Survival”, an interesting  word. Without having a dictionary to hand I can only explain this as remaining alive. Do we then give up this inherent instinct and at a certain stage rollover, feet in the air? Do we say, okay done survival, now going on to extinction? I don’t think so. Baring accidents wouldn’t it make sense if we just carry on surviving, maybe in a different form but nonetheless surviving? I am always reminded of that bastion of theoretical physics. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form into another.” So where does it go?

And on that note I beg to take my leave. You didn’t really think I had any answers did you? All I can say with any certainty is that Love is better than Hate, Peace is better than War and a Kiss is better than a Slap. If we can fix these three simple statements in our mind then I am sure the Almighty will take care of us – we don’t need answers, we need to trust and trust in the power of Love.


Peace Peter




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