Welcome to April's newsletter and I hope it is going to be an interesting one for you all. This month's is all about my favourite subject, colour. For some of you this news will not be new however for some of my readers it will be a new introduction to the world of colour so I apologise in advance if you have heard it all before. Below is an example of God's colours - Spring time in full glory as captured in Holland. I have included a number of photographs depicting he huge variety of colours that surround us - a tribute to the tulip growers of the Netherlands.


Colour changes like the wind, one moment we are in the pink, the next we are passionate in the red. Both are the same colour but very different reactions, the same can be said about waking to a clear blue sky making you feel alive and fresh then the next minute you have the blues, feeling down and low.

As I am sure you all know using colour for healing is not a new thing and it has been around for centuries. However if we are really honest with ourselves we tend to take colour for granted and we do not really think about its impact on our daily lives and how it impacts our health or how it truly makes us feel.

In the distant past our ancestors and the indigenous tribes saw the make up of colour from the sunlight and they saw it as part of the divine and how it influenced their quality of life. Know that it does not matter which culture you look at they all contain colour within their religions, language, nationality and food. Therefore I find it extremely profound and sad that in our modern day culture of neon lights, advertising, clothing and logos how ignorant the majority of people are about what colour is actually saying to them. However on a psychological level it is affecting us all on a daily basis as to how we shop, how we are feeling, and how we act or react to others.

Spring Rainbow

I personally see each person as a Rainbow Star because you are all reflecting your own colours through how you interact with others and how you address different situations. You could be a person who is quite red and want other people to be brief, be bright, and be gone. Or you may be the opposite colour to red you may be a green person and you want people to show you that they care about you. A blue person could be the one who says give me the detail and I will get back to you. Or you could be that yellow person who has loads of ideas and lots of friends and loves to have pictures and nick-knacks around you all the time.

Colour is so important but it is also frequently ignored. The medical profession uses colour for healing, infra red treatments, ultra violet treatments but further than that they are closed to how colour around a person can affect a patient's mood or well being, however saying this I am now beginning to meet some doctors who are changing, so even the winds of change are happening in the medical quarter as well.

Now where is colour taking us and what are the colours saying about ourselves?

If we think of red as the "Will to be good", to help each other and to be passionate about what we do then red need not be seen just as anger or frustration this only limits us in what we wish to achieve or accomplish. When we add more loving light to the red we get pink and this is the "Will to be compassionate" not only with ourselves but with others as well.

Then as we move up the scale of colour with the wind blowing us gently to bring change into ourselves we come to coral. "The Will of co-operation" the effect that we experience from moment to moment in our thoughts, feelings and actions, coral is on the move at this very moment through many populations gathering together as one voice to express their desire for change. It is that will of co-operation rather than competition or dictorship. Remember we have now moved into the last phase of the Mayan Calendar the aspect of Universal Consciousness, "All for One & One for All".

Orange is our next move, the "Will to receive". It is not the idea to always give and give, we need to be able to receive the joy, excitement and bliss in life and to receive these gifts from others as well as from ourselves. When we have difficult times such as trauma or shock it is difficult to receive but know that if you can relax every now and then and really laugh it helps to remove the tension and allows that aspect of ourselves to be open to receive that joy of life.

Gold is the centre between the orange and the yellow and it asks that we become centered within ourselves. Gold is the "Will of wisdom" It is that none judgment of ourselves or others so that we can evaluate and implement our lives in a way that we follow our own gut feelings rather than being pushed by others.

Then comes the yellow the "Will of self-worth, and with this comes the knowledge that you are perfect as you are because you are made in God's image and you know you are loved from above at all times. With that will of self-worth comes self empowerment.

Now we need to cross the bridge from our side world to our inside world and we travel across the olive green to the "Will of O-Live" as the stars that you are. It is the will to transmute any bitterness from the past into the light of love in the present and to offer the olive branch of peace and to O-Live.

We are now at the heart of the matter, the colour green the, "Will to love" and this is the key to future success. We are at a turning point and the heart must no longer be the servant of the mind it must be the heart of love that leads us all.

Turquoise the complimentary colour to coral, that movement of one voice spreading around the planet, it is the "Will to be heard". This can be through the spoken word, or the creative aspect of writing, dance, singing, cooking a beautiful meal or even offering a helping hand to another in a creative way.

Turquoise is the colour for this millennium with the complimentary of the coral working along side it. Be gentle as you tread upon land and lend a hand where you can, see each creature big or small as part of the whole. Where there is distress stop and help, this goes for each other as well as for animals big or small.

Blue is the "Will to communicate" and to trust that you can let go and let be. Blue is the joining of our voices to be heard above the indoctrination of fear that the news and the governments feed us on a daily bases. Be gentle with your words and your thoughts and feelings as this is an energy that causes the ripples within the universal consciousness and as we change to love, peace and trust so we begin to change the world.

Royal blue/Indigo is the "Will to perceive". That each and everyone of us are as precious as a Rainbow Star and that we are part of that rainbow reflecting our true spiritual selves through our own colours.

Violet is the "Will to change" to be of service to ourselves and then we can be of service to others. It is as we turn from violence and offer a helping hand, change can happen, it is up to us to bring the "Winds of Change".

Then magenta the "Will of grace of the divine", it is to see the divine in everything. It always amazes me how nature knows when to hibernate, when to begin to grow and produce its crops and how they multiply. This for me is the magenta of the divine and the divine within us, the spiritual wonder in everything.

Lastly we have the pure light that feeds us all. With each dawn the light is revealed to a new day, a new beginning and this is the "Will to see each other clearly", to see the colours they shine and what they are reflecting to us. We may not wish to see within ourselves that reflection because that would mean we would need to change and change is scary. So embrace the light and enjoy the ride anyway.

Now this has got me thinking!

Are we RATS or are we a STAR?

I had this thought the other day while putting this newsletter together about rats and stars. The word Rats when you turn it around becomes Star rather like the word dog turn it around and it becomes God. Are we loyal like a dog and shine our own colourful star and we let our selves be seen as colourful individuals or do we become one of the rats that live in the swarm and fight over our bits of food, territory, rather than seeing ourselves and everyone else as special. I had this image of escalators going up and down to different levels taking people for their shopping in those large shopping malls. It reminded me of what a girlfriend said to me one day, "I notice you always start at the top of the store or mall and work your way down to the ground floor, why?"

It then struck me that after working with colour all these years my own Aura-Soma® soul bottle is number 65, violet over red and it is called Head in Heaven, Feet On Earth. This then got me thinking, am I bringing Heaven to Earth? Then the Tree of Life popped into my head, am I coming from Kether, the top sphere in the tree, down to the bottom sphere Malkuth and grounding who I am? I am still pondering upon this metaphor of the tree and the rats and where I fit into this metaphor.

But let us take just one person out of that swarm and we will see that they are actually a star, sparkling with colour and expressing who they really are through the language of colour. We are all the colours of the rainbow, radiating through the energy vibration of our chakra system and we work with certain colours more than others which makes us who we are. But colour is changing in all of our lives and new colours are being recognised and appreciated giving us different messages for this unfolding future of ours. I feel it is exciting to explore how even with Aura-Soma® their original bottle colours are changing in response to the different experiences happening around the world.

There are many colour systems out in the world and of course being with Aura-Soma® for so long this is the one I lean towards but I realise now that you can learn the language of colour in many other ways.

Join me sometime on my 3 day course to find out "What Colour You Are"! This is not an Aura-Soma® course but my own course on the language of colour or go to and find out more about my On Line Colour Course.

Remember, "You are the colours you choose!"

Colour has been a personal awakening for my self and thousands of others, I can assure you, you cannot be untouched by its power, and the feelings that colour will give you.


Bottle 11 Bottle 11 Chain of Flowers this bottle is my own personal bottle and it changed to a pale orange colour when the Japanese earth quake happened. Colette
Changed Bottle 11

Alysea McArtney

At this point I would now like to introduce you to Alysea McArtney from Perth Australia who has kindly given her time and energy to my newsletter and who has been in the world of colour for a very long time. Alysea was actually taught by the original founder of Aura-Soma® Vicky Wall. Alysea will be looking at how the changing of colours is telling us about what is happening in our evolution at this moment in time.




At the turn of the century all over the world new colours were born out of the original Aura-Soma® bottles, strange new colours, which can only be known as intense Alchemy. Now, suddenly, immediately prior to the earthquake in Christchurch and on the day of the earthquake the bottles spoke to me again, with dramatic new colours being born. Let us take a look at these new colours and the meaning of them:


Bottle 65 B 65: Violet/Red – sitting in Tiphareth as the King of Pentacles, with energies to do with: "psychological and physical transformation process", "antidote for anger, frustration and resentment", " our spiritual development is the greatest potential of the earth

NEW COLOUR: Red turned a pure and beautiful soft pale olive green. Energies to do with death, dying, feminine leadership, ancient wisdom, new growth and we now have a new colour code of violet/pale olive green. Here we have: transformation of bitterness, healing for what is camouflaged, ancient spiritual knowledge being renewed and brought through from the feminine intuition.

We also have a mirror image, from changes which occurred during 1999 – 2000 of B 38, the base turned Olive. Again this is profound, as bottle 38, Queen of Cups sits in the emotional world in Binah, the vision of sorrow, grief, pain and loss.
Bottle 38

To conclude, the spiritual awakening has happened enough for us now to have spiritual compassion for all and this means helping each other (an olive energy), and a deeper understanding of Karmic laws. All forcefulness, dominance, control, hate, bitterness and resentment have to go! Consider the opposite colour of Olive it is Magenta, so even if the Japanese earthquake had not happened, energetically we can see it these colours happening to bring about change into everyone consciousness. Now is the time to awaken to these new colours within ourselves and to the environment around ourselves.

How do we make the most out of the new colours for a new world?

As already illustrated we have the beautiful colour code of Pink. A soft nurturing energy from the Red Ray with much infiltrating light, Vicky Wall foretold, as did many of the nineteen century mystics of the new colours to be born towards the year 2000. This happened as predicted almost to the day. 1999 brought so many new tones, shades and at times dramatic, energetic changes.

One of the most profound and mystical colour code changes are when a primary ie, Red or Blue changes colour. It is more understandable when a secondary colour changes but even this does not always make sense.

We ask the question then, how does Red, a primary become a shade/tone of Orange, a combination of red and yellow? In reality impossible yet spirit has created this. We now understand that the Pink energy to do with the positive of nurturing, forgiveness and self acceptance, is now asking us to apply the Coral/Orange code of healing our Astral Body, for any kind of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual shocks created with our Spirit Body throughout time. We are also being asked to shine the light into the deepest aspects of ourselves, in regard to forgiveness through love, coupled with wisdom. We look also at the bigger picture of the collective energy of healing a time line, to do with unrequited love to and from all things.

When we take this one colour code as an example, it opens up a huge dimension for contemplation and use on a personal level. Possibly try visualizing the soft soothing Pink ray, and then infiltrate this with the Coral, or I like to call it the "Peach Ray" and feel the subtle difference.

Our Souls have taken a long and arduous journey from the pure realm of Spirit into the world of matter. During this time we have carried in our consciousness, much guilt, self blame and self abuse, all foreign in consciousness to the perfection of the soul. But, these energies have tainted our Astral Blueprint.

Now as we gradually climb into the next 12,000 year cycle of the Golden Age, already divine energy of the right way to think and behave, whilst having a physical experience is being shown to us through the language of colour. In subtle ways the Sanctified Heart Centered Self or the return of the Sanctified Heart Ray is awakening within us all. Before things become manifested on the physical plane, they manifest in the subtle spiritual realms. So, we see our Causal and Astral bodies are bringing the Coral Ray and mingling it with the Pink.

This gives a picture of self forgiveness, what is past is past and in the eyes of spirit it never was. Energies to Self Love, acknowledging in reality we are the Soul. Once this is perceived and understood the movement of the awakening of the Sanctified Heart within us grows and becomes us in consciousness.

This is the Coral, born out of the Orange from the red and yellow. We gain understanding of what creates fear, feelings of being unaccepted and unloved a deep inner perception of what inhibits us from moving forward into the unknown. We attract to us feelings of deep joy, elements of bliss, and beautiful thoughts of understanding, which enables forgiveness of all which is sent to try us or hurt us. We understand there is nothing which can hurt us or upset us, unless we allow it. This is the wisdom of the Coral, brought to us through the awakening of the Red/Pink and the intellectual ability, to digest emotions which before controlled us. "Look fear in the face and it ceases to exist".

We are now offered through the Pink/Coral transmutation, forgiveness from within ourselves when we made that first deviation from the perfection of the Divine Plan, carried on the pathway of the Hermit within the tree of life.

One of the Laws of Colour is that when we are surrounded by a certain colour the opposite is automatically drawn to us. Therefore being in the Coral Ray the Turquoise is flowing to us. In this way the turquoise becomes the Challenge. This is for the whole of humanity "Winds of Change" are reaching many souls through the use of modern day electronics. Turquoise is bringing many difficult karmic challenges from past eras ie. Atlantis and Lemuria.

MAGENTA/CORAL: One of the extraordinary changes within the colour system is how magenta becomes coral. This is deeply mystical but again we see esoterically the Divine Law is understood through the Sanctified Heart Centered Consciousness, being love coupled with wisdom and energies of compassion. This is the age we entering into the Age of the Mind. However magenta is atomic energy and extremely powerful and karmically relating to our souls experience of the Japanese culture throughout time. There are memories of much pain and suffering and the complementary opposite of the Magenta is the Olive Green, camouflage, bitterness, stagnation but most of all the hiding of the divinity through many misguided institutions.

There have also been many changes on the Olive Green Ray. It has gone from Pale Olive like new growth from the young spring leaves to shades of Chartreuse (an old world colour and ancient colour). This colour showed itself through the Heart Rescue bottle within the Aura-Soma® System. We must as women go back to nurturing each others' families and communities. This is the feminine experience the Mother side of God. Within the feminine energy is the Ancient Wisdom remembered in our blueprint, protecting, nurturing, loving unconditionally (remember the pink) and holding all things to her breast.

Till next time,

Blessings, Peace and Love,



Alysea McArtney, ND, Dip Hom,– Trained in alternative health with degrees in Homoeopathy, Naturopathy and body work, is an Aura-Soma® Practitioner and Teacher to Level 3 Alysea has had her own Health Shop, attached with healing clinic and moved to Western Australia 16 yrs ago. During this time she created, The Australasian Academy of Colourful Healing & Metaphysics, a teaching college for students wishing to study colour and metaphysics. The Academy taught many courses to do with colour to an Advanced Diploma Level which carried Government Accreditation. Although no longer accredited the course material is still in place

Alysea has written many books including her classic "Colour Codices Throughout Time", illustrating The Tree of Life and the Aura-Soma® System. This book is for sale via Alysea and the information contained is directly from Vicky Wall, as Alysea took down this information directly from Mike Booth in shorthand and it took another nine years to complete.

Alysea has also developed an intense metaphysical course for the journey of the soul using the new colours for this age called "Spiritual Alchemy and the Seven Steps to Transformation" plus 74 cards for the new colours used for healing is available with the course. Other courses given are astrology, reflexology, chakras, numerology, treatment of the meridians, all using colour.



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I have a couple of important announcements to make before closing the newsletter.

Last month I said that Marianna Kehrwecker had written a book on the Ennegram I got it all wrong it is about Electro Magnetic Balancing Technique - EMF and can be purchased via So sorry about that and do not forget the book is in German.


The other major piece of news is a final, determined push by the Alliance for Natural Health to counteract the unbelievably wrong EU herbal directive due to take force on 30th April 2011. After which, if ANH is unsuccessful, Europe can kiss goodbye to a whole slew of highly effective and safe natural remedies. There is a chance that the THMPD directive can be stopped in the courts but only if members of the European public respond to the call below IN UNPRECEDENTED NUMBERS.

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Last but not least I met up with an old friend this week from Australia who gave me her book which is a fasinating read and so very important for all of us at this time in our evolution to save the planet. The book is called Human Crystals by Patricia Leahy-Shrewsbury and can be purchased from

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