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Dead Foods vs. Living Foods Can we be dead wrong about our theories on food? Our society is looking for the solution to our weight and health problems. You are looking for a way to live healthily and to have the body of your dreams. Are you not?

Before you look for treasure in a forest, it is a good idea to make sure that you are in the right forest in the first place. Otherwise, the search is useless. And you know what? We are in the wrong forest!

That is why nothing is working effectively, we are struggling and punishing ourselves with torturous diets, and we are getting into more weight problems and increasing disease.

Have you ever seen an obese wild animal (domesticated animals don't count due to human influence)? I bet the answer is never. The only animals that get obese are human beings and domesticated animals (due to human influence). And this became a common problem only after the 1950s. Why is that? We will soon see.

Out of the tens of thousands of species on of animals, birds, plants, marine life, and all other life, we are the only species that have degenerative disease as a primary cause of death. We are also the only species that have obesity problems. No other creature on this planet has obesity problems.

Yet we are the only species with doctors, scientists, experts, and all that other sort of thing. At any one time, 65% of women in the UK are on diet. Obesity now affects almost 60% of Americans. We have more diets, diet book, and diet foods than ever before. So why is it getting worse? If these diets and so on worked, the problem would be reducing, not increasing. The reason lies in the nature, not quantity, of the foods we eat, compared to the nature of the foods pre-1950. Consider the following research.

Meso health means middle nourishment. Meso health is a condition that was discovered just before World War II by Professor Werner Kollath. He raised animals on a diet of processed foods that had been made empty of all minerals and vitamins except for thiamine, potassium sulfate, and zinc. Even though the animals were raised on a completely depleted diet, the animals grew up and initially showed no signs of disease of deficiency (by the way, we only get 10% of our energy from food, the remaining 90% is from air). However, when they reached adulthood they started to show degenerative signs similar to the ones that you find in humans in the Western world. The animal started developing intestinal toxemia, lost calcium from their bones and had a condition just like the human osteoporosis, they started getting dental carries, started having damaged organs similar to the damage you find in humans in the Western world, and so on. When the professor gave vitamin supplements to these animals to see whether these supplements would reverse the changes, nothing happened. The only thing that was able to reverse all these changes was introduction of fresh living raw food that was composed of plenty of vegetables. This research has been confirmed many times over by scientists all over the world.

Perhaps the best illustration of this is the Pottenger cat study, an amazing yet simple experiment run over 10 years. It has since been repeated using different test subjects, all with the same results. This study demonstrates clearly that the consumption of some of the kind of foods encouraged on Western diets leads to quiet, long-term degeneration of body parts, reproductive ability, and so on, and later manifests itself as degenerative diseases and, surprise, obesity due to toxicity when systems start to fail. The problem with these kinds of foods comes in on a level previously unconsidered by most people.

The Pottenger cat study was done by Dr. Francis Pottenger between 1932 and 1942 using about 900 cats. The study itself was conducted together with Dr. Alvin Foord who was a professor of pathology at the University of Southern California. It was a study that was done under very specific scientific conditions with a very accurate record keeping, observation, and statistical analysis. In fact, all the 600 cats had complete medical histories even before the experiment began.

The cats were divided into two groups. There was a control group that was given a raw food diet that was composed of raw meat, milk, and cod liver oil. Then there was the other group given a diet that was composed of cooked meat and milk plus the cod liver oil. The following is what happened over several generations of cats.

The control group that was given a raw diet remained healthy and gave birth to healthy cats in the first generation. The cats that were given the cooked foods also give birth to healthy appearing cats in the first generation. In the second generation, the cats started to have even more noticeable differences. Within the first two generations, it is not readily apparent what the damaged of the cooked foods is. However, the most observable effect (and the most amazing one) happened to the fourth generation cats. For the cats that were eating raw foods, their fourth generation kittens were just fine. Just like any other normal healthy cats. However, the group of cats that were eating cooked foods could not produce the fourth generation of cats. In other words, there was no fourth generation cats available to study for the cooked foods cats. All cats of the third generation that had grown up on the cooked diets could not give birth to any offspring that was healthy. Some did not give birth, and those that did only gave birth to kittens that lived for less than six months. Now remember that in both groups the food quantity was kept the same. Both the cats that ate the cooked foods and the ones that ate the raw foods ate the same amount of food. The only difference was that one group was given cooked foods and the other was not. And the only foods these cats were given were strictly meat, milk, and cod liver oil. Nothing extra was given to any of the cats.

Okay, let us see what other changes they discovered in these cats. The cats eating raw foods grew up to be of uniform size and development and their fur, tissues, and skeleton were perfect as normal. The amount of calcium and phosphorous in their bones was also all right. Their organs grew well as normal. Their nervous system was working well and their coordination was perfect. They were very resistant to infections. All their offspring were fine. Their mental state was very stable and friendly. And you could play with them. There was also no birth complication and nursing and giving birth was just normal. The cats gave birth to an average of five kittens each one weighing roughly 119 grams.

However, the cats that were eating cooked meat and milk increasingly, with each new generation, gave birth to other cats that had abnormal variations in their skeletal structure. Their bones became soft and brittle by the time they reached the third generation. And from the very first generation onwards, the following problems were noticed with all the cats that were eating cooked foods: poor eyesight, heart problems, thyroid and bladder problems, nervous system problems, meningitis and paralysis, infections of various organs, ovary and testis problems, liver problems, bone problems, nearsightedness or farsightedness, inflammations, uterine congestion, atrophy of various organs, failure of reproductive systems, and so on. The cats eating cooked foods also aborted about 25% of the offspring in the first generation, about 70% of the offspring in the second generation, and in all cases the delivery was difficult and sometimes the females died giving birth. The kittens that were born of mothers that were eating cooked foods were born about 19 grams less than the ones that were born from cats eating raw foods. Their skins also started to go bad, showing parasites, lesions, and allergies. With each generation, these problems became even worse.

By the third generation, the cats' bones from the group that ate the cooked foods had actually become rubber-like. Their mental status was also not normal anymore. With each new generation, the cats became more unpredictable, were more irritable, were biting and scratching more, were less playful, and so on. The males also became very docile and experienced a drop in their libido and sexual interest while the females became very aggressive. There was also a huge increase in same-sex sexual activity.

The cats were then returned to the normal raw food diet and taken off the cooked foods diet to see what would happen. It took about four generations of cats eating a normal healthy diet for the first cats to be born that was absolutely normal. So this is what we know from this experiment. The cats were given cooked foods for four generations to see what would happen. But by the third generation it was impossible to get a fourth generation. These cats were then given their normal raw food to see what happens and it took about four generations to go back to complete normalcy.

We're not sure how many generations it takes for the human species to go to complete chaos like the cats did, but we can already see signs of it. Each new human generation being born today has even more complications and health issues at younger ages than previous ones. We now see children getting diseases that were previously only seen in older people. But let us go back to looking at the cats again. What the scientists found out was that different parts of the cats?body systems took different amounts of time to go back to normal. Some systems took one generation; some took two generations and so on. But generally, for these cats, it took about four generations for everything to go back to normal.

Here are some more findings from this experiment. The experiment was repeated again but this time instead of the cats receiving cooked meat, they received one-third of the diet in raw meat plus two-thirds of their diet in pasteurized, sweetened condensed or corporate milk. So the only change this time was to make the milk processed in some way. Once again, the results were pretty much the same. Even though the meat was raw this time, the presence of processed milk still resulted in problems. The other thing that they noticed was that once the female cats was given about 12 to 18 months of a diet that was composed of cooked foods, they were never again able to give birth to normal kittens and all her kittens would be defective in some way or the other.

A similar experiment was done using rats. The rats were studied by a completely different set of scientists. To summarize, there were two groups of rats. One group was raised on whole wheat that was healthy and organic, and another group was raised on commercial white flour, the kind that you find in the supermarket. The rats that were raised on white flour ended up under-sized, unable to reproduce, aggressive and hostile, and with many reports of tooth decay. The rats that were raised on whole wheat had no problems.

Another study that was done that is similar to these was one that was done using pigs. Again, one group of pigs was given a diet that was processed. And once again, they had health problems and deformed offspring. However, with pigs it only took one generation of healthy eating for the offspring to be born normal again.

So as you can see, it appears that different animals, eating different foods, have different rates of getting sick and getting well due to the introduction of processed foods, but all of them degenerated because of cooked foods. That is the one constant, the degeneration of the body, the mind and emotions with introduction of a large percentage of processed and cooked foods. There is much more to this than can be said in a short article, but it begins to paint a clear picture.

Since the 1950s, we have been following some very incorrect and unnatural guidelines regarding food, weight, and its link to health. Ever since then, we have become the only species on earth to have obesity problems and die of degenerative diseases. Paradoxically, we are also the only species that counts calories, is perpetually on a diet, and just can't seem to get lean and healthy. Why is that so? And why did it only start in the 1950s? Recently, the answers have been coming through and the truth is progressively being exposed. Have you ever asked yourself, "What if everything I know about food is wrong?" What would that mean to your life and your efforts?