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Intermediate Course In the 6 day Intermediate Course students are given a wider and deeper understanding of colour awareness. The broader context for the knowledge is enabled through exploring cultural and symbolic colour connections. The depth of the knowledge is extended by going to the heart of the colours.

Through the Intermediate Course Curriculum, the doors between Aura-Soma and other systems of knowledge and healing are opened, and the connections between Aura-Soma and Buddhism, Numerology, Astrology and Homeopathy are explored and related through their correspondences to colour.

Upon completion of the Intermediate Course, the student is a Certified Level II Practitioner, and may formally advertise themselves as an Aura-Soma Consultant, and do consultations with the general public. Level II Practitioners may also represent Aura-Soma at public meetings/informatives, Trade Shows and health/holistic exhibitions.


1. Level I Certification

Course Outline
  1. The symbolism of colour and further associations of colours at all four levels

  2. Colours parallel with homeopathic miasms.

  3. The Yogic view of subtle energies and diagnostic interpretation at the chakra and subtle energy levels.

  4. Primary colours in relation to Buddhist metaphysics

  5. Numerology within the colour combination range together with the numbering system of the equilibrium bottles and its significance

  6. Colour correspondences with planetary energies and astrology

  7. The use of gemstones within the system

  8. The use of colour in clothing, decor, & other professions

  9. Further aspects of the "Masters", relating to the colour range and to the quintessences

  10. Colour breathing (how to begin)

  11. Synergy consultations and patterns and potentials of relationships as revealed through the colour combinations chosen by partners