" Start Healing Your Life"

I began my own journey over 20 years ago when I first encountered Reiki. Since that time I have progressed through each level including Master. But this was only the beginning. As my interests expanded I read extensively, exploring almost every complementary therapy I could find, from every corner of the world. Some I researched and others I discarded, unfortunately there is as much rubbish talked about this subject as there is sense!

My insatiable curiosity coincided with moving to Asia where I spent 6 very happy years engrossed in the numerous cultures and beliefs. I am now back living in Asia and my focus now is on providing information and knowledge as these societies begin to face the same challenges as the west.

My most significant "discovery" was Aura-Soma. There is no doubt that this chance encounter has changed my life, as it has so many others. Having worked with this system for more than 12 years the language of colour has become an intergral part of who I am. Colour is everywhere and the more we understand the language of colour the more you understand yourself.

My time is now spent in teaching and giving workshops, seminars for empowering yourself through the language of colour and how you treat yourselves with what you put in to and on your self. My aim is to increase awareness through creative activites via workshops, educational fun through art, music and colour. Having lived in Europe for 20 years and now back Asia I still travel extensively and continue to give courses regularly throughout Asia, mainland Europe and the UK. Whether you are just curious or have a specific question concerning Alternative Therapy, or you would like to attend one of my workshops please contact me at:,