Heart Intelligence

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Colette Garside

Certified HeartIQ Coach

“Heart Intelligence” is a powerful system of mind-body integration. The result of learning this practice is a greater choice in life.

This provides two clear advantages.

First, with a greater choice, you can have access to choose what you want to feel or to be: you no longer have to be the victim of external events, people, and past memories.

Second, by having a greater choice, you can use the Law of Attraction to more effectively create the life you want.

Do you want to be able to move from a place that doesn’t feel great into a place that feels better, . . . and to do so instantly?

Do you want to know what your life’s deepest purpose is and tap into the resources and the courage to go for it?

Do you want to feel more, experience more vibrant health have greater abundance, and come into your joy?

These are some of the choices that become available to you when you learn the techniques and practices of Heart Intelligence.

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What is Heart Intelligence?

Heart Intelligence is about bringing yourself into the present moment by:

Listening to the Heart
We learn this through stillness to track what we feel and want and thus have a clear direction of where we want to go. Connecting with what you are feeling!

Following the Heart
This is the action we take to move in the direction of where we want to go. Connecting into what you want!

Opening the Heart
This is practice of letting down our guard and inhibitions with others so that we let more of life in and let more of life out. Connecting to what you love!

Communicating from the Heart
This is the practice of connecting with another through a centred heart communication. If there is conflict then through resolution and expressing ourselves from the heart we can then be understood. When we are communicating from the heart we are able to build rapport and match with another’s feelings. Expressing from the heart what you want!

We need to create emotional nvolvement with the questions above. Creating a new relationship with our own denials & hurts! When the mind and heart are disconnected we are being dysfunctional, inattentive, distracted, and remote. This then causes harm to us and to our relationships.

It is only when we can create a heartfelt connection with someone or something that things can begin to change. Our heart knows how we feel about our life and about ourselves, about our addictions, habits and all the natural things that we embrace.


Habits, feelings, and actions can be changed! Notice your own judgments of what is happening in relation to those emotions and how you feel about them.

What are you feeling?

When we are happy it makes us feel better, so watch for sad feelings and the key is to be aware of the self. Negative emotions breed more negative emotions, and positive emotions bring more positive experiences.

“Do what you love and love what you do”.

Emotion is energy in motion and when we are aware of what is moving within ourselves then we are in Heart Intelligence.

Watch your thoughts and move your focus to feel your body physically, find where the breath is coming from, and breathe into what you are feeling right at that moment. Check what you are feeling emotionally and feel how good or bad that feels. Notice any judgments that might be clouding those feelings. Are you feeling blue, are you in the pink, being as good as gold, or are you green with envy. Allow ourselves to be felt and allow ourselves to feel another. This is how you open to Heart Intelligence.

Joy is the guidance to know if we are on the right path and it shows us when we are in our hearts or not. Coming to a Heart Intelligence Practice Day you will find support, love, and open communication and will be able to look at different aspects within your life. We are all individuals but in the same breath we are all one and each person’s growth and understanding is medicine for the whole group. This is a fundamental aspect of Heart Intelligence.

As an individual we can place ourselves in what is called “The Vertical Practice” which is meditation, higher wisdom, and tuning into the self by dropping into stillness. Doing this alone may connect us to the higher self.


Listening through stillness we learn to track what we feel and thus have a clear direction of where we want to go. Following the action we take to move in the direction of where we want to go. Both of these practices represent 'vertical' skills - they connect us to a higher wisdom and an authentic heart which is often an internal process and individual in nature.

Or we can do it through “The Horizontal Practice” which is group work. There are two basic practices that work horizontally and they are:

Opening:the practice of letting down our guard and inhibitions with others so that we let more of life in and let more of life out.

Communicating: this is the practice of connecting with one another through the heart. When we have heart-centered communication, this brings any conflict into resolution and helps with expressing ourselves so that we are being understood. In this way we are building rapport and matching others in a heart centred way and being present.

We are group oriented people and the horizontal practice helps us to learn to feel one another. This is powerful in a relationship in regard to Heart Intelligence. When you feel that another person has understood your feelings this helps to build a different relationship. This is how community is built.

When we put the horizontal and the vertical together however we begin to really feel one another through the heart. This is what is so powerful and unique about Heart Intelligence.

Through the vertical we get the introvert and extrovert aspect of the self. In the horizontal aspect we get the thinking or the feeling aspect of the personality. When we are in empathy with another then we come into a balance to help another without rescuing that person. We are then in the vertical as well as the horizontal.

By understanding where we are within the circle of the vertical and horizontal we can see why we have created habits or ways of being in order to protect ourselves. We will then begin to understand how to get the things that we want in our life. This is neither good nor bad, but by going deeper we can truly access the real joy that we wish to experience on a daily basis. When we understand our own colours and emotions we become Heart Intelligent.

The things we have learnt in order to attract attention and how to get love and approval are sometimes not very fulfilling. We create situations to protect ourselves from pain and hurt but these can disconnect us from our true feelings. When we surrender to our true love for the self, this is when we can shine our own true colours and be in alignment with our own Heart Intelligence.

It is in those early years we can confuse what we are feeling with who we really are. We begin to build this persona that we are not good enough, and because we feel bad then we think we are bad. Even though this is a false identity we hold onto it because it sits so deep within us that we begin to think and see it as our truth. This can be healed through joy and love rather than having to revisit that pain again and again.


Heart Intelligence teaches us how to be in the present moment. Often within our stories we want to reclaim the joy that has been felt in the past.

Emotions and feelings are like water you cannot grasp it or hold onto it. It is rather like trying to catch water in your hands the only thing you can do is to feel the water slipping through your fingers and this is the same with joy.

We can only experience joy in that moment and to be in constant joy is to change our thoughts about joy. It is only by being present in the moment instead of trying to access a past feeling or a future feeling that will bring us into our joy.

Heart Intelligence is only dealing with what is moving in this present moment and this is very different to other forms of coaching. Our mind loves to take us into the past or the future but with Heart Intelligence it brings you into the moment, to empower yourself. This is the key to coming into your joy whenever you want.

When we get into the mastery of creating our own joy others will naturally gravitate to us because it feels good to be with us. This is the way to build a loving community, that supports you and you support them with peace and love. When we are at peace with ourselves it begins to permeate our world like water soaking into dry earth.

Then we get to the tipping point of open heartedness and the joy within our own life and others will want to experience this with you as well. Heart Intelligence can then show the way.

I personally have found in my own journey that Heart Intelligence has helped me integrate my mastery of the colour of emotions to a new level within my working life as a teacher of the language of colour. Through the benefits I have learnt and use I can now give to others an even greater depth of understanding of who they truly are and help them to find their own colourful joy.
Lets’ face it we all wish to know more about ourselves.

Are you the thinking type?

Are you the feeling type?

Are you the extrovert?

Or are you the introvert?

No one type is better than another, all is good. All colours of the rainbow have equal qualities but each one of us will work with certain types of colours that make up our own personality. It was Carl Jung the psychologist, who first put us into these archetypes. However, we are all individuals and we all have our own gifts and talents. It is just finding what you love to do rather than doing what you have to do.

Once we understand our own colour type we can then identify where we personally have difficulty with others in our lives. Be that at work, home, or just walking into a shop or the doctors. With Heart Intelligence and the capability of tracking ourselves and knowing what triggers us in certain situations, we can then have the tools to make changes and to bring the joy into any situation, better than bringing in conflict and discontent. Then we relate to others without judgment, this will draw people to us and bring us more meaningful relationships than ever before.

Once we all understand that we are all one, it does not matter where we come from, we can shine our colours and we can be heart centered and joyful in our life. We all need to take inspired action and learn to become more open to receive. Become more open hearted so that we can manifest in life that which we truly wish for in a heart centered way.

Can you do this?

Follow your heart

Open your heart

Listen from your heart

Communicate from your heart.

Problems we may be experiencing on our journey.

Are we continually thinking in our head and trying to set goals that are not working for us?

Are we just following a technique or trying many techniques and not becoming a master of any of these?

An example is of this is when we climb a mountain and you get to an obstacle, what do we do? Do we give up or do we tackle the obstacle or take another route? When we climb that mountain we need to get through certain barriers to really reach the top and to stretch ourselves using our own capabilities to achieve what we truly want. This is just one aspect of mastery of Heart Intelligence, not giving up but seeing success.

It is only when we meet these obstacles that we either give up, try something new because it might be easier or we get bored or think that there is something better around the corner. Instead of persevering and becoming a master of what we have set out to learn or achieve, we drift and do not become the master of ourselves or anything else come to that.

The moral of the story is; when we get to the top of the mountain without giving up, when we see where we have come from and what we have achieved, we also see where everyone else is. We can then see that all styles are the same with their own different colours and identities but we have the advantage of mastery from a new perspective about who we are because we are in the moment and in our own joy and our own achievement.

When we are present with another person and truly listening to what they are saying, we get to embody and resonate with them. Then we can witness and help that other person just by being still and being there for that person.

These are NOT techniques! These are ways of being and connecting to another through Heart Intelligence. When we see and feel that inner knowing that someone has felt and understood what we have said to them, we can then witness their modified view of themselves and their views of others around them. At this point we know that Heart Intelligence has reached out and changed their lives.

Know that when we want to manifest anything within our life, be it money, relationship, losing weight, enjoying our job, then it needs to have that feeling of joy. The more joy we bring to this way of living in life the more mastery we bring to what we want to manifest.

This then is the uniqueness of Heart Intelligence, it is a completely new way of how we see ourselves and how we coach ourselves either alone, one to one, or in a group, which I feel is the best.

It will change your life!

If you wish to know more of how to open the Heart and become Heart Intelligent contact me: Colette Garside at colette@need4change.com. Alternatively visit Colette’s websites:



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