Aura-Soma is a Non-Intrusive Self Selecting Colour System, "You are the colours you choose". Aura-Soma began more than 25 years ago in England. This colour care system was created by a blind lady called Vicky Wall. In her early years Vicky was always able to see colours around people or in other words their auric field however in later life when she lost her sight through diabetes and this ability became stronger and she always knew who was approaching her. Then one night she heard a voice say "Child go divide the waters" and Vicky always said it was as if hands where working through her hands as she was mixing her herbs, essential oils, crystals and water and out of this mystery she created her colour combinations.

" The Language of Colour "

What is Aura-Soma?

Today we now have 107 colour combinations and these jewels are known as the Equilibrium bottles and they form the basis of the Aura-Soma Colour Care System. Aura-Soma is now world - wide and they supply to more than 40 countries a day. How does Aura-Soma work?

This is a Non-Intrusive Self Selecting Colour Care System and it is you the client that is choosing not the consultant. The consultant is just the mouth piece for the Equilibrium colours that you the client have chosen. It is when you stand in front of this array of Equilibrium bottles that your chakras and your energy field (aura) begin to talk with each other.

We need to understand that you are the colours you choose. Therefore when you look at the Equilibrium bottles and imagine that you are going onto a desert island and you can only take one of those bottles with you your body then begins to tell you what you are and what you need. It is at this point that the chakras and the subconscious mind decide what your body needs and once you have chosen 4 bottles this then gives the consultant a deeper understanding ofyour inner world on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels.

It is by understanding the language of colour that we can help you to see your gifts and talents and to help you to achieve your full potential.


Why do we need to understand colour?

Everything in this world contains colour even the air you breathe and the more you understand the language of colour the more you understand how certain colours can affect your moods and our well being.

Could you imagine a world without colour? Our lives would be extremely grey.

What is involved in learning about colour?

To train as an Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant takes time. There are three levels of training and each level consists of 6 days and a minimum of three to four months practise between each course.

The First Level of Aura-Soma Training covers the language of colour in depth. " How to give a consultation. " How to use the other products that Aura-Soma supply to compliment the Equilibrium oils.

The Second Level looks at the language of colour again but from a different perspective this includes; " Astrology " Numerology " Ayuvedic " Aromatherapy, and much more.

At this point to carry on the training you need a Three Day Personal Presenters Course. Once this is take you are then eligible to take the Third Level.

The Third Level then looks at the Tree of Life and its association with the tarot in regard to the Equilibrium Bottles.

At the end of this course the student is given 10 ten questions to take home and answer at their convenience. The student then needs to produce 60 hours of consultation records and 40 hours of either, anatomy and physiology or 40 hours of counselling. Once this has been submitted and marked then you become a fully qualified International Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant.

In Australia and certain states in America Aura-Soma has been registered with the Ministry of Education and Health and some of our courses have been accepted as part of a nurses extra course work to learn how to use colour in a complementary way.

Where can you use this system? This system can be used not only in the salon but it is ideal for Spas and for the mobile or home therapist. The client can have an in-depth consultation in relation to issues raised by the colours that they have chosen, this can then be followed by a relaxing massage using the specific colours that relate to that client and then a light lunch or snack can then be given in the complementary colours to complete the day.

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