Foundation Course Intermediate Course Advanced Course Enrollment
Advanced Course The 6 day Advanced Course provides the student with further key areas of Aura-Soma information in relation to ancient wisdom systems. The objective is to take the student beyond known information in relation to Aura-Soma and to enable the student's intuition to connect with 'Equilibrium' in a deeper way. This is the culmination of the training process.

In addition there are several practical sessions which heighten awareness of the Consultation process and encourage a refinement of the students therapeutic skills.


A. Level II Certification
B. Submission and acceptance of a 2,000 word essay

Course Outline
  1. Colour theory in relation to consciousness evolution as revealed by the unfolding sequence of the Master bottles.

  2. Balance in relation to the Tree of Life and the Tarot.

  3. Subtle anatomy and the seven levels within each Chakra.

  4. Personal exploration of the symbolism of Balance through a variety of creative techniques including mind mapping.

  5. Introduction to and practice in interpreting Balance selections at the level of the hidden colours.

  6. Practical to support the student's intuition in the therapeutic context.

  7. Consultation skills through awareness of the consultant, client and observer roles.

  8. Revision of the information from all previous courses.



    The Diploma Thesis is the final part of the three levels of formal training that is required to Accreditate to the status of an Aura-Soma Therapist, and qualify for Teacher Training.

    The thesis is composed of two sections, comprising 10,000 words in all. The first section requirement invites the student to set down a thorough understanding of various aspects of colour and the Aura-Soma System. The second requirement provides an opportunity to research an area of special interest in relation to Aura-Soma. Both sections need to be of an acceptable standard in order to be awarded the Diploma Certificate.

    The Diploma Certificate is also a prerequisite for further levels of training and accreditation within Aura-Soma.


    We ask that 60 hours of consultations be recorded in order to satisfy the need for clinical practice. Guidelines are given to help you in this and they are only to be presented with your completed Thesis. Provision is made for the protection of client confidentiality.


    The final requirement is for evidence of a basic knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology, (at least 40 hours from a recognised school or accredited course). We are currently looking at opportunities for a correspondence course but at this moment we accept proof of training from a variety of schools and sources. Our principal recommendations is the ITEC course and exam within the UK.